YouTube Video Ideas: Only Guide and List You Need in 2022

Explore our YouTube video suggestions to get motivated to create a new account or try something different. YouTube is a platform that may pay out a great deal of money to channels with many viewers. The most famous YouTubers can do what they enjoy while still making a considerable sum of cash.

However, if coming up with viral topics were simple, everybody would be a YouTube influencer. Whenever it comes to being a YouTuber, there seem to be a lot of factors to consider. 

Raising your YouTube number of viewers may be challenging, and it necessitates having all of your ducks in a row. From account graphics to content, we’ve got you covered. 

However, if you do things correctly, YouTube may be a terrific way to supplement your income and pay your expenses. To create the setting and tone for your viewers, keep in mind you have a visually appealing network with unique channel artwork. Maybe you haven’t started a YouTube channel yet and are searching for a few ideas. You’ve arrived at the correct location. 

This is where we come in with our massive collection of the top YouTube video concepts. We’ve produced a list of 102 fantastic ideas to help you obtain additional views. 

Every suggestion is followed by certain helpful hints on making your video. You will also see key features to every YouTube Video idea, making it easier for you to understand the concept. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Table Of Contents
7 Trending Topics for YouTube Videos

YouTube channel video suggestions for beginners, business, fashion & beauty, gaming, movies & TV, sports & fitness, and music are the seven different types we are going to discuss here. This compilation of YouTube content ideas is divided.

If you’re not launched your YouTube channel already, this piece can make the process easier with a few YouTube channel suggestions for newcomers and set you on your path to being a YouTuber. Thus, whichever sort of YouTube channel you have or want to have, you’ll learn something worthwhile here to enable you to come up with good video content and expand your following.

Skip This Part If You Have a YouTube Channel Already!

You may skip this section when you already have a channel, but having some strong YouTube channel ideas is a wonderful place to begin if you’re a newcomer to YouTube. It all starts with you. So, what exactly do you do? What do you enjoy doing? What do you excel at? If it’s a business meeting, you should ask questions about yourself and your hobbies, as well as your goals.

We’ve compiled this list of 7 YouTube channel ideas to create a greater sense of what’s hot right now. Get motivated and start creating ideas for your channel.

1. Beginners

It might not be easy to consistently generate material and develop fresh ideas for your YouTube channel when you’re just starting. Still, because you don’t have hundreds of subscribers anticipating a specific material style from you yet, you have more leeway to experiment while you’re a novice. Accept this liberation and think of your beginner’s channel as a playroom. Experiment with different ideas until you find one that works for you.

2. Music

Singing songs, teaching songs, or providing lessons are possibilities for this channel. Whatever your musical interests, YouTube may be a useful tool for disseminating your knowledge or guitar talents.

3. Sports and Fitness

Anybody engaged in sports and fitness has always loved this channel, and when COVID transformed our world and closed our gyms, fitness and health channels were on the increase.

4. TV and Movies

Why not voice out your opinion with a broader audience when you’re a film enthusiast who enjoys discussing the complexities of films and TV series? Individuals like you enjoy reading other internet reviews of the current blockbusters or even more obscure film genres.

5. Gaming


rewarding endeavor when you enjoy gaming

This may be both a fun and rewarding endeavor when you enjoy gaming. When you have unrivaled aim and talent in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Fortnight, this may be your destiny. If that’s the case, ensure your YouTube gameplay channel art matches.

6. Fashion

Fashion is constantly in style, and experts who can give effective fashion tips always have an audience. When you think you are one, creating a fashion channel is a famous concept many people choose, so strive to stand out.

7. Business

Admittedly, this isn’t so much a demand as it is a must for most organizations with a digital footprint. Although you may not be marketing on YouTube, maintaining a profile is still beneficial. You may have business tutorial videos, testimonial films, event videos, and more! YouTube is an excellent location to keep video material when you have it (which you should).

YouTube Idea for Beginners

1. Always Start with the Introduction! 

Create a video in which you introduce yourself. What is your name, and whatever is it that you do? What may viewers anticipate from your YouTube channel? How frequently do you upload videos? Create a video greeting new subscribers to your channel and letting them know what to expect. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to subscribe.

Key Requirements

  • Be presentable throughout the video
  • Always acknowledge the support and love
  • Thoroughly inform viewers about yourself 

2. Your Personal Story

You’ll need to develop a fairly unique YouTube channel if you want to be recognized. This necessitates the creation of original video material. Share a personal tale to show the world what makes your YouTube channel unique.

Personal tales allow visitors to connect with you and gain insight into your lifestyle. They’ll undoubtedly want to learn more if you have some fascinating stories to share. Create a fun channel trailer that exposes visitors to the kind of content you’ll be posting on your channel.

Key Requirements:

  • You need to be authentic while presenting your personal story
  • Give out some personal information about yourself
  • Make your channel a standout among others

3. Do Product Reviews

Depending on your area of interest, you might conduct product reviews within your expertise. This provides you with a plethora of YouTube video ideas and possibilities to discuss what you are passionate about. Merely use a newly-released product in this video to express your thoughts on it. 

Make your review stand out from the crowd by including fascinating comments and meticulous edits. The product you select is entirely up to you, but if it falls within your area of the profession, you’ll almost certainly be able to create an instructive film about it. 

Technology assessments are popular on YouTube right now, and if you give a unique viewpoint on a new piece of technology, your video can get a lot of views.

Key Requirements:

  • You need to review a newly released product
  • Review a product that falls in your area of expertise

4. Daily Routine/ Daily Vlogs

Create a daily routine video to show folks what makes you tick. Your dietary habits, daily schedule, and training regimen may all be included in your daily routine. They provide viewers with a better understanding of where you’re from and what your attitude is like. Explain the activities you do regularly that you believe in improving your quality of life, and demonstrate to your audience how others may benefit from it.

Key Requirements:

  • Always explain the activities that you feel can make a difference
  • Include the things that you do regularly

5. Comparison of Products, Different Personalities 

Beginner YouTube viewers who wish to learn more about rival items before purchasing one might benefit from comparative videos. Give visitors a good idea of what each item has to provide while emphasizing its advantages and disadvantages.

You might use your video to compare two or more goods. Giving the items a score at the video’s conclusion, which expresses your view of them, is a nice idea.

Key Requirements:

  • Always include the advantages and disadvantages of both
  • Never be biased towards one product

6. Tell the Viewers About Your Talents

If you have a unique talent, skill, or ability, showcasing it to all of your subscribers might be a terrific YouTube video concept. YouTube’s viewers love dancing clips, soccer skills videos, and singing videos. Although your skill is a little less well-known, visitors may be interested in witnessing it. Having a really rare talent, in fact, is likely to attract much more interest.

Key Requirements:

  • Explain the talent you possess thoroughly
  • Make sure your talent is completely understandable

7. Tagging Videos 

This type of YouTube channel idea includes one channel tagging another and asking them to publish a certain video or fulfill a specific task. You could make a plethora of tag videos. You may challenge a buddy or simply do a tag film without being challenged.

Guilty pleasures tag, my romantic drama tag, mum tag, anniversary tag, and cosmetics tag are all conceivable YouTube video tag concepts.

Key Requirements:

  • You need to tag an authentic YouTube channel
  • Be clear about why you are tagging the other account

8. Tell Viewers About Life Hacks

Life may be difficult at times, so anything that helps make life a little easier for your audience would be greatly appreciated. On YouTube, videos featuring lists of various life hacks are quite popular, with many garnering tens of millions of views.

Perhaps you have certain life hacks that you’ve been utilizing for a long time but have never revealed. It’s now or never to publish them!

Key Requirements:

  • Your life hack should always be unique
  • Present your idea in a compelling way to convince the audience.

9. Upload Cute Videos

Attractive videos are among the most tried-and-true YouTube video concepts, and they’ll always be successful with a large audience. Record your baby sibling or pet doing anything cute and share it with your YouTube viewers.

Videos of cute kids or dogs can quickly make us happy, and they may be your YouTube network’s Kickstarter.

Key Requirements:

  • You need to make a visually appealing content
  • Capture the video professionally and add cute effects afterward

10. What Things to Do

Whenever YouTube users become bored, they will seek out new activities. It will spark their attention if your channel can present them with great thoughts.

You might give your film a title like ’10 Things to Do When You’re Bored’ to help people understand what you’re talking about.

Recordings of things to do may also provide folks with ideas for doing in various situations or on vacation. You might, for instance, create a video about things to do in Rome.

Key Requirements:

  • Be precise about the activities you are suggesting
  • Make sure that everyone can perform those activities

11. Draw My Life

YouTubers share a condensed version of their life tales using Draw My Life videos drawings. The clip will show you quickly sketching the graphics on blank paper. You may provide new facts about yourself with your followers that they may not be aware of.

Check the channel Draw My Life for more information on this subcategory of YouTube ideas. Several of the Draw My Life series videos have received thousands of views.

Key Requirements:

  • Your drawing should always be original and unique
  • Provide unique and new ideas as well

12. Have Discussions 

To get folks talking on YouTube, begin a thought-provoking topic. Propose an interesting topic and solicit feedback in the comments area.

Everybody has a viewpoint, so getting people to watch your debate may be easier than you think, especially if it’s about something they care deeply about.

When your video is popular, it may prompt other people to make reaction videos. To get subscribers, choose the ideal topic for your YouTube channel and make a series of YouTube videos about it.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure the topic of your discussion is interesting
  • Always be open to everyone’s opinion

13. Tips About Different Things 

Tips videos are similar to instructional and educational lectures in that they aim to provide viewers with useful information, but they’re typically streamlined and don’t go into as much depth.

’10 Tips for Improving Your X’ or ’20 Tips to Boost Your Y’ are examples of titles for tips videos. They’re frequently informal, easy-going, and laced with a sense of humor. You may record a video with recommendations about a sport you’ve played, a place you’ve been, or a job you’ve performed.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure that you share a useful tip
  • Be precise about the tip and don’t go off-topic

14. Make Educational Videos 

With an informative YouTube video, you may share your understanding of a topic. Educational videos may be about anything, but they should be appropriate to the audience you’re attempting to reach. Tutorials are one of the greatest YouTube materials since more and more instructors utilize educational technologies.

Provide a fun manner for your audience to learn. You may invite them to provide recommendations for themes for your YouTube channel in the comments area. Utilize infographics and dynamic imagery to clarify your points within every video in greater depth. Visuals have been shown to make learning simpler and more pleasurable.

Key Requirements:

  • You need to keep your tutorial simple
  • Always use the images to clarify your points

15. Make Animal Videos 

Animal videos performing amusing or odd things account for a large amount of YouTube’s popular material. Your dogs could be ideal subjects for a film like this.

Begin shooting them on the spur of the moment to see if they do something deserving of being featured on your channel (treats always help to encourage them). Who knows, when your pet video becomes viral, you might end up with a YouTube celebrity on your hands. Let’s assume your pet is happy to share the spotlight with you!

Key Requirements:

  • You need to make a visually appealing content
  • Make sure that the content is worth sharing

16. You Can Rant!

You shouldn’t have to think too hard regarding going on a YouTube rage. You’ll be able to readily rant about the issue in question when you’ve been worked up sufficiently. Create a loose screenplay if you’re not sure about going ad-lib. And besides, you want to ensure that your rant is coherent.

Include a few gags in your rage to make it more entertaining. This would keep people interested and encourage them to come into your next outburst.

Key Requirements:

  • Ensure that your rant is coherent
  • Include a few gags in your rage to make it more entertaining.

17. Q & As are Fun!

Making a Q&A video does not have to be your first YouTube video, but it might be a great one to present once you’ve created considerable interest in your channel.

After your previous video, ask your followers for their thoughts and select your favorites. You might also obtain more questions by mass messaging your contact list or publishing on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The Q&A might cover a wide range of topics. You may do one about your private life or respond to questions depending on the videos you post.

Key Requirements:

  • Ask your followers for their thoughts
  • Make sure that it is not your first YouTube video

18. House or Room Tours

Bedroom or apartment tours are a common genre of YouTube video that people like. Tours give people a glimpse into your personal life by allowing you to show off your interests. One of the simplest YouTube video concepts to adopt is tours. Everything you need is a webcam and a spot to get started.

Showcase furnishings, technology, and antiques when you’re staying in your bedroom or house. Include a cool spot that few people know for a more extensive tour.

Key Requirements:

  • Get a proper webcam to shoot the video
  • Include a cool spot that few people know

19. Conduct an Interview of Someone

Keep a close eye on news channels for folks you might be able to interview for your next episode. Your interviewee doesn’t have to be well-known; viewers would be interested if they had a compelling narrative to tell. The substance of your film will be significantly more compelling when you can portray the human aspect of a tale that everybody can relate to.

If you have a podcast, you may reuse and market your episodes by creating a separate playlist on your channel. This would not only assist in raising visibility for your podcast, but it would also provide you with new and interesting stuff to post on your YouTube channel.

Key Requirements:

  • The substance of your video should be more compelling
  • The interviewee should have a good narrative to tell

20. Make a Timelapse Video

A timelapse can highlight information about a scene that might otherwise be missed in a regular video.

Several cameras nowadays feature a setting that allows you to capture a timelapse highly effectively. When you must manually record your timelapse, you must consider aspects including the short length and the space between photographs.

Place your camera in an intriguing location with a lot of activity. Viewers may be compelled to watch if you manage to catch anything exciting happening.

Key Requirements:

  • You must manually record your timelapse
  • Include a highlight that might be missed in regular videos

21. Make Prank Videos 

For numerous years, pranks have been one of the most popular YouTube video concepts. Many well-known YouTubers, including Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Roman Atwood, have built whole channels doing crazy pranks.

A few of these pranks are too large-scale for novices, but minor pranks maybe just as amusing. Your family and friends are the main targets since they’re more inclined to forgive you after they understand they’ve been tricked!

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure that the video is not too lengthy
  • The prank should not exceed the limits

22. Culture Videos 

Make a film that demonstrates your company’s culture. Is it possible to play ping pong at work? After-work group happy hour? Videos that emphasize a good and enjoyable culture are an excellent approach to demonstrate to clients and potential workers what your company is all about.

Key Requirements:

  • Make a film that demonstrates your company’s culture
  • The culture must be good and enjoyable

23. Introduce Your Family and Friends

Turn the camera on your friends or family (with their consent, obviously) and present them to your audience.

Key Requirements:

  • The people you include must be your family member
  • Ask for their consent before shooting

24. 50 Facts About Yourself!

Tell us 50 interesting facts about yourself. It is a great approach to show off your distinct personality while allowing your audience to learn more about you.

Key Requirements:

  • The facts must be interesting
  • It should show off your distinct personality

25. Do Challenges

In recent times, there’s been a slew of distinct challenge videos. From the cinnamon challenge to the ice bucket challenge, these films have a remarkable ability to captivate public attention.

Create your challenge video with a twist. To increase interest, do the task in a dress or a unique place. The most successful challenge videos are usually the ones that go wrong, but they don’t ruin your attempts on purpose. A false fail isn’t nearly as funny as a genuine one.

Key Requirements:

  • The video must include a twist.
  • Do the task in a dress or a unique place

26. Do Tutorials 

Making tutorials is among the finest YouTube channel ideas you can attempt. Somebody will be highly interested in viewing your videos when you can supply them with the information they need to accomplish something or finish a task.

Almost any topic may be covered in a tutorial video. Skincare tutorials, computer tutorials, cuisine tutorials, linguistic tutorials, and technology tutorials are all popular. Tell your audience how they can put the abilities you’ve taught them to good use. For instance, if you’re giving a cosmetics tutorial, emphasize how and where this look may be worn.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure that your tutorial is interesting
  • Tell your audience how they can put them to good use

27. Make a List

A compelling list is always a pull for YouTube viewers, and if it’s well-presented, they’re more likely to stick around until the end.

YouTube video ideas are frequently organized into top 5, top 10, or even best 50 lists based on a YouTuber’s favorite themes. Give a clear justification of why you managed your list the way you did.

Key Requirements:

  • Present the list in a well-organized manner
  • Always give a clear justification of how you managed it

YouTube Video Ideas for Music Enthusiasts 

1. Cover a Musical Event

Most of these YouTube channel themes are entertaining, but none is documenting a musical performance. Arrive at a festival, evaluate live acts, interview spectators, and try various booths. You may create a festival highlights film or a collection of the best moments from your conversations with visitors.

Key Requirements:

  • It must include festival highlights 
  • You video shoulde be interesting and visually appealing

2. Prediction About the Next “Prodigy”

Each year, new musical talent emerges to conquer the world. Guess who will shine this time around using your musical skills. Keep an eye out for new musical styles and trends that can impact the new year’s development. Creating YouTube videos allows music enthusiasts to find new music quickly and easily.

Key Requirements:

  • Present proper reasons for your predictions
  • Keep an eye out for new musical styles and trends

3. Have a Discussion About Your Musical Likes and Dislikes

You undoubtedly find waxing poetic about the musicians, who influenced you to begin performing music easy, so why not turn it into a video? Tell a narrative about how a song or concert inspired you to play the guitars, bass, or drums. Ask your audience to share their musical inspirations in the comments area to keep the conversation going.

Key Requirements:

  • Ask your audience to share their musical inspirations
  • Include a narrative about how a song or concert inspired you

4. Explore Local Music

Not all gifted musicians receive the recognition they deserve, but you can help change that. Attend shows in your neighborhood that showcase musicians that aren’t well-known to a larger audience. Following their performance, interview them and upload some videos on YouTube. You may perform additional cross-promotion with them when they have their own YouTube channel.

Key Requirements:

  • It must explore a low-profile musician
  • Perform additional cross-promotion with them

5. Experiment with Numerous Instruments 

Introduce some exotic instruments from across the world to your YouTube audience and experiment with them in your song. Composing well-known tunes with these unusual instruments might be highly fun. A theremin, hydromorphone, stylophone, glass harmonica, and didgeridoo are a few illustrations of unique instruments.

Key Requirements:

  • You must introduce some exotic instruments from across the world
  • Compose well-known tunes with them to interest the audience

6. You Can Upload Your Special Remix

This YouTube video concept is excellent for you if you dabble in a DJ job in your spare time. Upload your mixes on YouTube so you may show them off to anybody interested.

When you’re not a DJ and only want to have some fun with songs, you may upload your playlists to your YouTube account and share them with the community. Listening to chill and lo-fi mixes when eating, reading, or resting is quite popular.

Although the music is at the heart of this video concept, an engaging backdrop design that appears in YouTube search engine results could mean the difference between a visitor watching your video or swiping past it.

Key Requirements:

  • It must include a playlist with trendy music
  • An engaging backdrop design to attract the audience

7. Pin-Point Similarities Among Different Songs

Many amazing songs may sound eerily similar to one another. A video highlighting these parallels, whether it’s the same chord sequence or similar lyrics, maybe engaging. If you listen to earlier tracks, you may notice that a few rhythms have been reused in more recent recordings.

You might also play a selection of older songs that your audience may not be familiar with. Drake’s smash song “One Dance,” for instance, samples British musician Kyla’s song “Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz remix).”

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure that the songs are similar somehow
  • Point out the differences and give reasons

8. Give Out Music Lessons

A few of these simple YouTube video ideas provide musical training when you can play a musical instrument. The most popular music classes on YouTube are guitar lessons; however, there is a need for various other sorts of classes.

Breaking the song into portions and working through them little by little is a systematic approach for these videos. Following that, the complete music may be performed to demonstrate how the final version should sound.

Key Requirements:

  • You must know how to play a musical instrument
  • Break the songs into proportions for better lessons

9. You Can Perform Original Songs 

When you have the talent to create your tunes, videotape yourself performing them, and upload the video to YouTube. It’s much better when you can play a musical instrument. 

Create a playlist with all of your new songs so they can be found more easily on YouTube. Share your videos on social media to let some of your friends and supporters know about your new music.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure the content is original and authentic
  • Create a playlist with all of your new songs

10. Do Your Favorite Song Covers

Music covers that are both impressive and catchy might rapidly become quite famous. Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and 5 Seconds of Summer all made their debut on YouTube doing covers. 

When you can create a following on YouTube, you may use it as a stepping stone to a singing career. You might make an acoustic rendition of a famous song or even create your remix to give it an entirely new spin.

Key Requirements:

  • Use a stepping stone to a singing career
  • create your remix to give it an entirely new spin.

Fitness and Sports YouTube Video Ideas

1. Make a Video About Fitness Myths

Debunk certain fitness misconceptions and offer viewers more efficient approaches instead to improve your reputation. For your viewers, this YouTube video style may be both fun and instructional.

Please inquire about your viewers’ experiences with the strategies you’ve discussed, and encourage them to share their stories.

Key Requirements:

  • Offer viewers efficient approaches to improve your reputation
  • Include an encouragement message at the end

2. “What are the Best Fitness Apps”

Examine the top fitness applications on the market and inform your YouTube audience. Check out the top apps for monitoring your runs, documenting your workouts, and keeping track of your calorie consumption. Discover some new workout applications that aren’t as well-known to add some variation to your list.

Key Requirements:

  • Include reasons for picking an app
  • Must consist of workout applications that aren’t as well-known

3. Tell Your Audience What Supplements You Use (If Any)

Finding the appropriate vitamins might be difficult for a newbie. Many alternatives are available, so deciding on the ideal one might be difficult. 

Make a video that illustrates what supplements you’ve been taking and how you’ve been doing your workouts. Describe every supplement’s desired impact, protein level, and how you believed it benefitted you.

Key Requirements:

  • Describe every supplement’s desired impact
  • You must explain how you believed it benefitted you

4. Make a “Before-After Video

A before and after the video is one of the most effective methods to demonstrate the effectiveness of an exercise. Your YouTube channel will get a lot of credibility if you show your personal before and after a big success. 

Your visitors would immediately recognize that you understand what we’re talking about and that you can assist them in achieving their weight-loss objectives.

Key Requirements:

  • Include your personal before and after a big success
  • There must be a considerable difference

5. How to Stay Fit on Budget

Even if you can’t perform heavy cardio at work, you can still get some workouts in. You can demonstrate to your viewers how to properly extend their legs beneath their workstations and backs while sitting. If you’re on a lunch hour, you might want to record this from home! Collect all of the necessary equipment.

Key Requirements:

  • You might have to record this from home
  • You must collect all the necessary information before

6. Alternative Workout Gear

Create material for YouTube viewers who would like to work out but wouldn’t spend on a gym membership. To replace gymnasium weights, find alternate training equipment, including food bags, logs, water bottles, paint cans, and books. Not only do your films offer individuals a fresh approach to get in form, but they also pique the interest of casual fans who want to know what your exercises entail.

Key Requirements:

  • It must offer individuals a fresh approach to get in form
  • Get all the necessary details about the alternative gym gear

7. Have a Discussion Regarding Drafts and Transfers?

Transfers and drafts are perennially popular topics on your YouTube channel, particularly in football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey. There is a lot of speculation during the draft time as fans wait to see who players would sign with their club. You may entice these supporters to subscribe to your channel by reporting on their team’s progress throughout the draft or transfer window.

Key Requirements:

  • You must have excellent information about the drafts
  • Maintain the updates regularly

8. Do Match Analysis 

Get on YouTube when the big game is done and express your opinions on what happened. Was your side able to pull off a miraculous comeback against all odds, or did they suffer a humiliating defeat? Sports analysis videos may give supporters up-to-date, relevant material that is useful and enjoyable, whether they win or lose.

Key Requirements:

  • You must have excellent information about the sport
  • It should give supporters a proper up-to-date

9. Make Motivational Video

Make your inner motivational speech come out and motivate your followers to start working out. Share some of your favorite inspirational quotations or develop a script that you think will affect you. 

You may find the notion of inspiring a group of casual YouTube viewers intimidating, but if your video is well-presented, engaging with your intended audience becomes much simpler.

Key Requirements:

  • It must motivate your followers to start working out
  • Your video must be well presented

10. What Diet Plans Do You Have?

Diets, like workouts, may not be suitable for everyone. Perhaps you have a diet strategy under your sleeve that you would like to share. Split your diet plan into different videos and use a collection to explain it to your members step by step. Tell your audience when you consume various meals, how you cook these, and how nutritious they are.

Key Requirements:

  • Be precise about your diet plans
  • Present a complete guideline and schedule to use it

11. What’s Your Workout Advice?

Everybody has looked online for fitness guidance at a certain time in their life, but they may not have gotten the solutions they were seeking. That’s where your video of fitness guidance comes in. Discuss what is working for you at the gymnasium with your subscribers and teach them how to incorporate it into their workouts.

There are a lot of exercise videos on YouTube, but you can personalize your material to a specific demographic when you target them.

Key Requirements:

  • Discuss what is working for you at the gymnasium
  • Personalize your material to a specific demographic

12. Your Yoga and Mindfulness Regimen 

Consider bringing your subscribers along on your trip if you practice mindfulness and meditation each day. Explain what it signifies to you and how you combine the two in your daily life. There will be others watching who are seeking direction. They’ll be curious about how others use mindfulness to better their lives, as well as how they may use your tactics in their lifestyles.

Key Requirements:

  • You must explain what it signifies to you and how you combine them
  • Be precise about the techniques and tips

13. Have Any Trick Shots and Skills Up Sleeve?

Spectacular trick shots can rapidly go viral in any sport, whether basketball or pool. Set up a shot that would be tough for most individuals to earn and begin filming when you believe you do whatever it takes. 

Even though you’re a natural performer, this YouTube video concept may take time to perfect. Instead of performing trick shots, you might simply demonstrate some of your abilities.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure that the trick is unique
  • You must explain how to perform the trick 

14. Provide Sports News

Keep viewers up to speed on the newest sports news. It might be typical sports information or a specific specialist sector in which you believe you have a particular level of competence. While larger news organizations are likely to acquire the bulk of scoops, you can still contribute your perspective on breaking events. Keep a lookout for tales on Instagram and Facebook that may come straight from athletes.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure the news you are providing is up-to-date
  • You must contribute your perspective on breaking events

15. Cover Live Events 

Monitoring live events may be a fantastic way to draw in people who can’t attend but want to stay informed about what’s going on. While broadcasting the action is likely to be forbidden, you can record fan comments, halftime thoughts, or your game day experiences. You may do a video once the event is over to capture how you feel about it. A passionate and sincere video has a higher chance of connecting with followers.

Key Requirements:

  • Your video must be passionate and sincere
  • It must include glimpses and important parts of the events

Movie and TV Show Recommendations YouTube Ideas for Enthusiasts 

1. Inform Subscribers About Upcoming Movie Releases

Create a YouTube video where you make predictions regarding impending releases to capitalize on the buzz around them. Do some study about what to anticipate from the new film or television program, and then share your unique perspective on it. Viewers planning to watch it will be excited to check your stream frequently to see when you have any new content for them.

Key Requirements:

  • Make predictions regarding impending releases to capitalize
  • It must have your unique perspective on the movie

2. Make Videos on Film Tech

When movie technology is your interest, there are many YouTube video ideas available to you. You may demonstrate some of your home technology and how you utilize it to create your videos. Start by looking at cameras, microphones, and video editing software.

Key Requirements:

  • It must demonstrate some of your home technology
  • Be precise about the things you will cover

3. Your Favorite Quotes 

Upload a YouTube video with your favorite movie quotations, along with an explanation of why you picked each one. You might add a combination of inspiring, motivating, humorous, and tragic quotations or just quotes that you appreciate for no specific reason.

Key Requirements:

  • Explanation of why you like the particular quote
  • It must include some well-known quotes

4. Movie Trivia

The Room perfectly illustrates how a film doesn’t have to be fantastic to provide intriguing information. Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic, commonly considered the worst film of all time, has a huge fan base. Discuss both good and poor movies which produced unusual or disturbing behind-the-scenes information. You may frequently find many interesting facts to incorporate into your film on websites like IMDB.

Key Requirements:

  • Discuss both good and poor movies
  • Be precise about your point and don’t go off-topic

5. Cover Actor Biography 

In a dedicated film, pay respect to your beloved actor’s work and accomplishments. Discuss how the actor influenced you and which movies you loved viewing the best. Concentrate on moments that strike a chord with you and get feedback from your viewers.

Key Requirements:

  • Pay respect to your beloved actor’s work and accomplishments
  • You must discuss the actor’s influence on different aspects

6. Your Favorite TV Shows 

Favorite TV series videos are another YouTube video similar to a favorite film video. Encourage your visitors to offer their thoughts and discuss their favorite TV series in the video’s comments area. Create a variety of list names and describe why you enjoy each TV show to your members.

Key Requirements:

  • Reasons why it makes to your favorite’s list
  • Encourage your visitors to offer their thoughts 

7. What About Your Favorite Plot Twists 

For Game of Thrones viewers, the notorious ‘Red Wedding’ was a horrific sight, and several reactions to it got attention on YouTube. You could have a terrific film on your hands should you record your buddy or family’s first response to certain unexpected events in the TV show they’re viewing.

Key Requirements:

  • Reasons why it makes to your favorite’s list
  • Encourage your visitors to share their favorite plot twist

8. Your Favorite Movies

Because everyone’s choice in movies differs, no two people’s choices of favorite films will ever be identical. This sort of information can be presented in various ways, such as ‘favorite movies from the 1980s,’ ‘favorite childhood movies,’ or ‘favorite sci-fi movies.’

Key Requirements:

  • Reasons why it makes to your favorite’s list
  • Encourage your visitors to offer their thoughts 

9. Recap Your Seasons

As a new TV series prepares to air, viewers will want to review the previous season to recall everything accurately. Even if a TV show produces its recap video, a fan-made rendition might still garner a lot of attention.

Key Requirements:

  • Include the essential part of the previous seasons
  • Make predictions about the upcoming one

10. Have Celebrity Gossip Session

Because the world’s love with celebrity culture isn’t going away anytime soon, there’s plenty of fodder for YouTube celebrity gossip videos. You may make frequent videos to debate the newest celebrity rumors and your reactions to them. To make your films more unforgettable, give your audience a unique and hilarious take on the topic.

Key Requirements:

  • Debate the newest celebrity rumors
  • give your audience a unique and hilarious take on the topic

11. Discuss Your Favorite Characters 

Create a list of your favorite film or television characters and discuss it with your YouTube followers. Start the countdown from a set number until you reach your personal favorite and explain why. You could also do the exact opposite of these YouTube suggestions and make a list of characters you despise the most.

Key Requirements:

  • Reasons why it makes to your favorite’s list
  • Include the details of your favorite characters

12. Make Comedy Sketch Videos 

Laughter is a certain method to increase your membership count. That is, though, easier said than done. Because comedy is personal, what makes someone laugh uncontrollably may not even bring a grin to another’s face. Play to your abilities and develop a skit you’re comfortable performing. Create your own YouTube content by being yourself and letting your sense of humor show through. You never know; there could be many like-minded people who would like your approach.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure that you use the original content
  • You must develop a skit you’re comfortable performing

13. Make Parody Videos

Make a parody of stars, politics, movies, or music that people are acquainted with. Or, like the Hindi sisters of The Hollywood Series did with their parodies of movies and TV series blended with dance moves to songs by their favorite singers, mix any of the two. Your audiences will connect with your subject matter if it is well-known. Plan out the situation you wish to act out and enlist the support of your buddies.

Key Requirements:

  • Plan out the situation you wish to act out
  • Your subject must be well-known to attract the audience

14. What About Web Series

Web series are essentially YouTube’s version of TV episodes or other episodic content available on streaming platforms. When you’re interested in filmmaking but your tale is too long for a short movie, consider turning it into a web series. Some of the finest YouTube material is skillfully implemented web series concepts.

Hobby filmmakers flourish in this environment and put their ingenuity to the strain. Members do not often demand the same level of quality as they would from a TV show; however certain productions may easily rival. That’s why YouTube channels like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and KindaTV have exploded in popularity.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure that you create an original content
  • You must create a quality content

15. Produce Short Films

You will be allowed to post movies longer than 15 minutes when you have verified your YouTube account. As a result, you may begin to post your short films to YouTube. 

All you’ll need to get started with some basic movies is a camera, good microphones, video editing software, and a script. You may typically employ equipment and take on more ambitious ideas once you’ve grown used to shooting short films.

Key Requirements:

  • Your YouTube account must be verified
  • You must have the excellent gear to shoot a video

YouTube Video Ideas for Gamers

1. Discuss Future Game Launches

Don’t keep it in if you’re pleased about any newly announced games! To share your opinions, make a YouTube video.

You may discuss how the new game will differ from past installments in the franchise and discuss the new features. You may certainly conjecture and describe what you’d like to see featured when there hasn’t been much information revealed about the games you would like to discuss.

Key Requirements:

  • Demonstrate how the new game will differ from past versions
  • You must have all the necessary information

2. Showcase Different Game Mods

Supporters’ changes to games can drastically affect the game’s flow, resulting in amusing or surprising circumstances. Although you might not have the expertise to make your game modifications, you could comb through YouTube and compile a highlight reel of your favorites.

Mods aren’t usually distributed to a larger user population, but it doesn’t take away from their attraction. Usually, it’s just the distinct look they produce that draws people in.

Key Requirements:

  • You must show how to apply the modification
  • Makes sure that you know how to play the game

3. Reply to Viewer Game Queries

If you can demonstrate to your audience that you are educated about gaming, they will automatically seek your assistance. After one of your earlier films, encourage your members to pose questions, and then produce a special video where you read out and find the answers. When you don’t yet have enough subscribers to ask them queries, create your own and study the necessary responses.

Key Requirements:

  • Be precise about the queries
  • Don’t go into unnecessary details

4. Discuss Favorite Old Games

Whenever it comes to gaming, old is gold. Create gameplay videos or reviews of vintage games to elicit nostalgic sensations. You might talk about what made particular old games so popular and compare them to newer equivalents. Try out antique consoles and arcade games if you have access to them, and document your experience.

Key Requirements:

  • Talk about what made you like them
  • Discuss their features in detail

5. Give Out Gaming News

Whenever it comes to supplying gamers with the newest news, channels like IGN News and GameNewsOfficial will undoubtedly reign supreme.

However, you may compensate for your shortage of exposure and knowledge by injecting some personality into your gaming news videos. There’s a lot to be said about gaming news from a typical gamer’s perspective. You are under no responsibility to be objective, and you are free to trash speak as much as you like.

Key Requirements:

  • Ensure that your gaming news is up-to-date
  • You must include an interesting plot in the news

6. Look at Obscure Games

Explore the world of obscure video games and share your findings with your YouTube fans. A fantastic game may sometimes fly under the radar and be lost to history. However, if you can find an underappreciated title that is a tremendous play, you will receive a lot of praise.

Key Requirements:

  • It must include a low-profile game
  • Discuss the features and gameplay in detail

7. Nominate Best Games in Different Categories 

Showcase your YouTube audience how knowledgeable you are about video games by selecting your games of the year in various genres. First-person shooter, RPG, real-time strategy, MMO, MMORPG, racing, and sports games are just a few genres to consider. If you enjoy all sorts of games, regardless of category, you might find it shockingly simple to make a YouTube video like this.

Key Requirements:

  • You must have good knowledge about gaming
  • Collect all the essential facts and details before

8. Customization Options

Character customization is all the rage these days, with game makers understanding how popular it is to customize characters’ haircuts, outfits, weapons, and accessories. While customization has always existed, they have never been so heavily commercialized.

Key Requirements:

  • Must include a tutorial of customization
  • Present the customization method in an organized manner

9. You Can Mention Game Glitches 

Glitches are difficult to avoid no matter how much effort and money is invested in video games. They can frustrate players at times, but they can also be amusing or even beneficial at other times. 

If you believe you are the first to discover a bug in a new game, make a movie about it. Although game makers will usually correct these issues with updates, your fellow YouTube users would want to talk about their experiences with them while they last.

Key Requirements:

  • It must include the glitches of the game
  • Make sure that the glitch you detected is unique

10. Have Gameplay Streaming

Gameplay streaming is unquestionably one of the most popular YouTube content concepts. Every day, new YouTube gaming streams emerge, creating a high level of competition. Because you’ll be up against a lot of competition, strive to make your game videos as compelling as possible. Give your comments a hilarious spin and share your perspective on the event.

Key Requirements:

  • You must present it in a compelling way
  • Share your perspective on the event

11. Game Walkthroughs

Have you ever been stranded on a gaming level that you simply can’t seem to finish? Many people would say yes; however, you must start making instructional videos if you don’t! Make playlists for various games and add walkthroughs for different areas of each game to these songs.

Key Requirements:

  • Be precise about how to clear the level
  • Include a complete guide of clearing that level

Fashion and Beauty Channels for YouTube Ideas

1. Favorite Beauty Products (Duh!)

Many well-known YouTubers are sponsored to use specific cosmetics, yet there is a strong demand for videos that reveal people’s true favorite items. Take a glance inside your cosmetic bag to see which items you can always count on to make you look your best. Foundations and blushers, as well as brushes and glasses, are examples of these. It’s entirely up to you!

Key Requirements:

  • Reasons why it is on your favorite’s list
  • Describe the features and usage of that beauty product

2. Makeup Haul Videos 

YouTube’s makeup haul packages are quite popular. They entail YouTubers buying a lot of cosmetics and flaunting them in front of their audience. While looking at all the amazing things somebody has purchased may not sound attractive, YouTube viewers flock to these videos in droves.

Key Requirements:

  • It must include the prices of the items
  • The reason why you have purchased them

3. Discuss Your Skin Care Routines

A decent beauty regimen is something that not everybody has perfected, so when you can give your audience some fantastic suggestions on how to enhance their skin, they will be grateful. 

A skincare routine video can demonstrate each product with an accompanying evaluation, similar to revealing the cosmetic items you use. Then, show how to apply these cosmetic products in a live demonstration in front of your YouTube viewers.

Key Requirements:

  • Be precise about the skincare routine
  • Must include the products you use for skincare

4. Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Everybody has a scary story about cosmetics, but you can bet that not everybody has told it! With a ‘does and don’ts’ film, share all of your worst makeup experiences and what you learned from them. On YouTube, combining informative information with fun is a popular mix, and your viewers will appreciate your unique take on cosmetic disasters.

Key Requirements:

  • Reasons of what to do and what not to do during makeup
  • Advantages and disadvantages of both

5. Do a Makeup Challenge Video

Take on a well-known cosmetics challenge and post it on your YouTube channel. The no mirror challenge, boyfriend does your makeup, kids makeup challenge, and cosmetics under $20 challenge are just a few of the beauty challenges proven to be popular YouTube video subjects. Try making up your cosmetic challenge, despite how bizarre it may seem.

Key Requirements:

  • Take on a well-known cosmetics challenge
  • Don’t make it look bizarre

6. What’s in My Makeup Bag?

Giving your viewers a sneak preview of your makeup and discussing each item in depth is one of the simplest beauty-themed YouTube topics. Why do you use each product, and how do you utilize it? Please provide details on how much each cost of products and how frequently you use them. You could make a playlist out of this YouTube video concept, with each video focusing on a different product.

Key Requirements:

  • It must include the prices of the items
  • The reason why you have purchased them

7. Make Reaction Videos on Your Old Makeup

Don’t be reminiscing over your former makeup looks! Use them as a way to attract new viewers. While some of your earlier appearances may make you squirm, response videos might be humorous YouTube video ideas that can generate many views. Have some of your relatives and friends try on your old makeup to put yourself totally in the firing line.

Key Requirements:

  • You must have an old makeup video
  • Include the good and bad points about your makeup

Follow the newest beauty and fashion trends and debate them in your YouTube videos. Audiences will be more eager to subscribe to your channel when you can give a reliable fashion and beauty news source. 

Don’t be scared to express yourself when it comes to these trends. The most successful YouTubers frequently dare to express their dissatisfaction with the existing quo.

Key Requirements:

  • Follow the newest beauty and fashion trends
  • Don’t be scared to express yourself

9. Give Out Clothing Tips

Do you have an innate ability to discern what pairs well with what? If you do, let YouTube viewers in on your exceptional sixth sense. Examine several wardrobe categories in various videos or focus on one particular style. 

You may, for instance, offer advice on summer outfits, evening wear, or winter attire. Showcase off your favorite outfits and explain why they are so special to you. Additionally, be sure to let your readers know where they may get such fashionable clothing.

Key Requirements:

  • You must have a good clothing sense
  • Showcase off your favorite outfits

10. “Get Ready with Me”

Set up your webcam and display your followers what you do when you get prepared for a particular occasion. This might include anything from applying cosmetics to accessorizing your clothes.

Get ready with me videos have become so famous among fashion and beauty aficionados that they have earned their abbreviation, GRWM. Fans who like your style will enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at how you apply cosmetics and select outfits.

Demonstrate how you get perfect for a night out, a date, or even work. Some YouTubers utilize this time to get ready while merely talking about other important issues.

Key Requirements:

  • You must have an excellent webcam
  • Demonstrate how you get ready perfectly

11. Hair Tutorial

It is a similar subject to cosmetics instructions for your YouTube channel. You have the option of doing both or focusing your channel’s concept on one of them. If you enjoy designing hair, it may be a career path you’d like to explore. 

Give your readers instructions on how to replicate both simple and complicated hairstyles. Examine a few of YouTube’s most popular hair lesson videos to see how you may build on them or do them differently.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure that you use the original content
  • Give instructions on how to replicate both simple and complicated hairstyles

Business Ideas for Your YouTube Channel

1. Business Introduction

With a custom-made company opening video, you may promote your company on YouTube. Give a detailed description of your business and some background information. In your clip, simply show your brand logo and tagline so that viewers can engage with your brand.

It’s critical to make your company entrance video appear professional, as the initial impression viewers get will be the barometer by which you’ll be measured. Design Wizard offers a variety of business-themed video themes which you may alter to make your customized film.

Create a compelling start for the whole of your YouTube videos depending on your original business introduction to establish a recognizable brand identity.

Key Requirements:

  • You must create a compelling start
  • Make your company entrance video appear professional,

2. Introduce Team Videos 

Giving your subscribers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the organization is among the most light-hearted business-related YouTube video suggestions. 

Introducing your staff allows you to show off your company culture, express your wicked sense of humor, and increase brand recognition. It’s also an appropriate method to engage your audience, as they may recognize themselves in a few of your teammates.

Key Requirements:

  • Introduce your staff to show off your company culture
  • You must have a proper brand information

3. Product Tutorials Idea

Demonstrating how your product works may also be a fantastic method to advertise it. Make sure to highlight its greatest features and show how they operate. 

Invite your audience to ask questions and make a playlist with the remainder of your courses. YouTube prefers playlists, so create as many as feasible. If your product is particularly complicated, you may develop a series of tutorial videos focusing on certain aspects.

Key Requirements:

  • Make sure to highlight its greatest features
  • You must have that product in your possession

Offering business advice might be a great YouTube video idea when your company has been operating for a while. Share the keys of your success with your audience and recommendations on how others may mimic the strategies that worked for you.

These types of videos might assist you in acquiring the kind of business-oriented visitors you’re looking for. Add a lead magnet, such as an e-book on how to enhance sales, or a white paper on digital transformation to get even more out of your guidance videos. When your subscribers are interested in learning more, a hyperlink in the description allows them to download further information.

Encourage your most devoted viewers to sign up with their email addresses to have your important piece of information delivered right to their inbox.

Key Requirements:

  • Share the keys to your success with your audience
  • You must add a lead magnet

5. Create a Competition 

Create a competition on YouTube to motivate people to share your film on social networks. Contests are an excellent way to get your audience involved. 

Make the reward appealing, and you’ll get more people to enter. You might make a new YouTube video to notify the winner after completing the competition.

Key Requirements:

  • You must have resources to give an award
  • Your award should be compelling enough

6. Inform the Viewers About Your App

Please include it in a YouTube video to entice your viewers to use your application. This should be a crucial component of your app marketing approach. 

Create a visually appealing video that includes your application’s logo, a description of what it does, and how it helps consumers. Include a link to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store in the descriptions to make it easier for consumers to find and download the app.

Key Requirements:

  • Create a visually appealing video for its introduction
  • Add all its detail and features

7. Advertise Some Business Event

YouTube is an excellent tool for promoting events. That does not, though, imply that you should be too commercial. Promote your activity in a manner that makes your viewers feel emotion, and your video will serve as a wonderful motivator for people to come.

Look for videos from past events which will pique your audience’s interest and persuade them that they can’t afford to miss out this time. Expanding to Facebook and creating an event webpage with an activity banner that may be a sample from your promotional video is a terrific approach to advertise your event.

Key Requirements:

  • Promote your activity in a creative manner
  • Look for videos from past events to attract the audience

8. Make Collaborative Videos 

In a YouTube partnership video that benefits both companies, cross-promote with other businesses. You may gain access to an entirely new market by appearing in another company’s video. Nevertheless, this strategy may not work if the audience is too unlike your own.

It’s crucial to make a strong first impression on your young audiences, as you would not have another chance to communicate with them.

Key Requirements:

  • Collaborate with an authentic party
  • Promote your activity in a creative manner

9. Make a Product Launch Video

To promote your newest product, go live on YouTube. Create anticipation for the release on all of your social media channels ahead of time to maximize the effect. YouTube Live allows you to interact with your audience in real-time. 

Encourage people to ask questions regarding your product before the release and respond to them afterward. Try to demonstrate how the item can improve people’s life. What is their issue, and how does your product solve it?

Key Requirements:

  • Create anticipation for the release on social media
  • Explain how the item can be beneficial

10. Record Your Podcast

Position yourself as a leading voice in your sector and provide relevant material to your market to improve brand recognition. Recording a podcast for your company is a fun and engaging method to achieve this. 

It also makes working with other professionals in your field possible. You may grow your fanbase by having your collaborator’s fans engaged in your material through interviews.

Although podcasts are normally only available in audio format, you may shoot yours and distribute bite-sized bits on social media before the complete release on your podcasting platform. 

Your YouTube channel may become a handy repository for advertising and reusing your podcast content, as images and particularly video function best on social media sites.

Key Requirements:

  • You must be a leading voice in your sector
  • Provide relevant material to your market to improve brand recognition.

11.Create Customer Testimonial Videos

Among the most successful YouTube video ideas for attracting new consumers is to include client testimonials to your channel. Client testimonies are typically more trustworthy than self-promotion in attracting new clients. 

They demonstrate how your company has helped actual individuals. When prospective buyers are interested in your product, they will search for customer reviews to discover what other people have said about it.

Key Requirements:

  • Your content must be visually appealing.
  • Present the item in a persuasive manner

12.Make Behind the Scenes Video

Demonstrate to your followers how your preparation for and film your videos by taking them behind the scenes. Show them all of the steps involved in creating high-quality material and offer them tips on making their films.

To make your viewers chuckle, including bloopers and outtakes from some of your most recent videos. This is another common video format organization use to introduce their staff and establish a more special attachment between their brand and their clients. 

Utilize behind-the-scenes film to illustrate your items and how they’re manufactured to understand your organization further.

Key Requirements:

  • Utilize behind-the-scenes film to illustrate your items
  • include bloopers and outtakes from a recent video

The Takeaway!

Well, there you have it: 101 YouTube Video Ideas. Now that you’ve finished reading them, it’s important to choose your favorites and try to incorporate them into your content

Getting recognized on YouTube is a long process that takes time. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort to create unique, fascinating material and promote your channel to the proper people. 

Even when you do everything correctly, there’s no assurance that your channel will be a tremendous success, but you’ll have laid the foundation for it.