25 YouTube Challenges That’ll Make You Popular in 2022

YouTube challenges are a fantastic method for new and experienced YouTubers to grow their following and attract new subscribers. They’re also an excellent method to make other people chuckle. Many YouTubers begin the habit of introducing problems into their lives, and others follow suit.

Another advantage of challenges would be that they generally do not need high-end recording equipment and take place on the go. They’ll also be simpler and quicker, and they’ll make many people chuckle in the meantime.

A smart concept for your YouTube challenge might jumpstart your YouTube business when you’re imaginative enough. Not only that, but it’s likely to encourage others to do the same or create comparable material.

What are the benefits of YouTube challenges? They are frequently quite amusing for starters and will easily maintain your interest. They may also assist you in expanding your platform by cooperating with other YouTubers and engaging with your viewers.

Don’t worry when you can’t think of a decent challenge. Throughout the months, we examined and compared several YouTube challenges. We’ve selected 25 YouTube Challenges That’ll Make You Popular in 2022, so you can see some of YouTube’s funnier and most entertaining videos. 

Why YouTube Challenges Take You in Another World?

YouTube is fantastic because it allows you to access a huge library of amazing videos in a short amount of time. YouTube has undeniably replaced watching television and movies, but perhaps the most incredible and irresistible thing to do now is watching YouTube challenges. These are not only fun to do with friends, but they’re also a fun way to pass the time when you’re bored.

Always begin with the convenient and straightforward difficulties before moving on to the more difficult ones. After acquiring some ideas, watch current YouTube videos on challenges and create your own. Ideally, this would be better than the others. Always be cautious while attempting tasks with children that might endanger their health or lives.

Here are 25 Best YouTube Challenges That You Must Try Out

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular YouTube video challenges you’ll see in 2021.   We discovered difficulties that were classified in a variety of ways. The majority of them include eating, while many enjoyable activities do not.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular YouTube challenges you’ll see in 2020. Some are a little older, but they’re worth a shot. We discovered difficulties that were classified in a variety of ways. The majority of them include eating, while many enjoyable activities do not.

1. The Speed Drawing Challenge 

The Speed Drawing Challenge 

The speed sketching challenge is a simple and quick activity that you can complete alone or with companions with little or no gear. Gather a few buddies and start sketching for this YouTube challenge. This is all there is to it.

How to Perform this Challenge?

The most amusing speed sketching videos, on the other hand, are usually those with a time restriction and a subject. You might, for instance, challenge yourself and your pals to sketch a Disney figure in under a minute and afterward compare pictures once the time limit has passed. 

This task may not appear particularly thrilling, but it’s one of the simplest to put up and may produce some funny outcomes as participants’ drawings run out of time.

2. Innuendo Bingo Challenge 

The UK radio show BBC Radio 1 popularized the game of innuendo bingo. Try searching for ‘innuendo bingo’ on YouTube, and you’ll find a slew of Radio 1 recordings with hundreds of thousands of views.

How to Perform this Challenge?

Now, what is innuendo bingo, precisely? In a nutshell, this is a challenge that asks contestants to maintain a straight face while drinking water. Try holding your breath while somebody plays audio samples from TV shows with innuendos when you think that’s simple. That is the show’s concept.

This challenge would be simple for some. On the other hand, others will get the water out of their mouth before the end of each round. A single person should complete this challenge for the greatest results; therefore, you may be the one in charge if you have a YouTube channel.

A note of warning, though: it’s simple for observant observers to spot when you’re imitating a laugh and purposefully spitting water. For the best audience response, try to become as sincere as practicable with this task.

3. Last to Leave Challenge 

Last to Leave Challenge 

The last to leave the challenge, popularized by YouTube sensation MrBeast, is a fun way for a bunch of friends — or acquaintances – to fight for a prize.

How to Perform this Challenge?

The challenge’s principle is straightforward: you must outlast everybody else in the team. You may be creative with this task and keep coming up with different versions because the aim is simple.

Other major YouTubers were fighting for a $100,000 prize money in MrBeast’s video, so you can guess the stakes were high! The regulations were straightforward: whoever was the last to exit the circle drawn on the floor won the money. The film has had over 60 million views so far, so it’s safe to conclude that the challenge was a success.

Evidently, you won’t be able to give the winner of your challenge a large sum of money, nor will you be able to draw top YouTubers to participate. Still, with the correct balance of creative thinking, you might create something that dozens, thousands, or even millions of people can appreciate, depending on how popular it becomes. Make absolutely sure competitors are informed that this challenge might run up to 24 hours when they join up.

4. The Chubby Bunny Challenge  

Chubby Bunny Challenge also has a high popularity rating and has established itself as a classic that every new YouTuber should try. And besides, the game has been popular for a decent time now, even before YouTube. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

This challenge aims to pronounce “Chubby Bunny” while eating candy — mainly marshmallows or genuine chubby bunny candies.

Obviously, your mouth will not be completely filled right away. You begin by making a single sweet or marshmallow, rather simple. However, there are numerous rounds, and you can add another sweet as long as you can pronounce “Chubby Bunny.” The game progressively becomes tougher, and besides, it is a challenge.

The aim is to be capable of saying “Chubby Bunny” for as long as you have food in your mouth. Those who cannot persevere for a sufficient amount of time are defeated.

Keep in mind, though, that stuffing your mouth with candy and trying to talk in a straight line is never a smart idea. Putting too many of the chubby bunny marshmallows in your tongue might induce choking and even death.

Play it cautiously and responsibly with that in consideration. It doesn’t matter if you win when you’re in danger of choking.

5. The Floor is Lava

The floor is lava game is so addictive that it has even become a YouTube challenge. A lot of YouTubers challenge their colleagues and especially themselves to get up off the floor before it turns into boiling lava.

How to Perform this Challenge?

Who can stay on their feet the longest without hitting the ground? All it takes to win is that. The floor is lava game is so addictive that it has even become a YouTube challenge. Several YouTubers challenge themselves and their colleagues to get up off the floor before it turns into boiling lava. Who can stay on their feet the longest without hitting the ground? All it takes to succeed is that.

6. Touch My Body Challenge 

Touch My Body Challenge

Another task in the blindfold category which is, again, amongst the most popular ones to do in 2022. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

You have to blindfold someone and have them touch a region of your body that you chose and lead them to. They understand the point if they guess which part of the body it is.

Unfortunately, you only get one chance for the bodily component. You could demonstrate the ability to identify particular bodily features, but it’s quite easy to be duped. The challenge participants had a hard time predicting in the majority of circumstances.

This challenge is ideal for new YouTubers looking to get their channels off the ground. Fortunately, audiences enjoy this challenge and may easily be amused if you’re inventive and witty.

7. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge 

Although it differs somewhat, this task is similar to the Blindfolded Makeup Challenge. People who aren’t big on cosmetics might find this challenge more intriguing to observe than to do. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

The name is self-explanatory; you’re provided an inanimate object to continue to draw, and you must draw it as precisely as possible.

Obviously, in this case, sketching the perfect drawing is extremely difficult, but you and your friend will have a great time doing it, and your audience will be inspired to attempt it too. 

If you’re having trouble deciding what to draw, try using one of the random word-generating applications to assist you. You get scores when the other player identifies what object, animal, or person you drew. The individual with the most points is the winner.

8. Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge 

Many individuals aren’t fond of cosmetics and aren’t skilled at applying them. If your boyfriend is one of those guys who also contributes to your YouTube channel, the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge is a fantastic concept. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

This is a challenge in which your boyfriend has to apply make up on your face while you close your eyes. He’ll probably have no idea what mascara or crayons are for, but a good laugh and a nice time altogether are certain.

On the other hand, if your partner is a cosmetics enthusiast and follows fashion trends as closely as you do, you have little to worry about anymore. Do not believe that this challenge is exclusive for women. 

If you’re a male, you may always treat your significant other to a makeover appointment, promising them a good time. Who knows, maybe you’ll be successful. You might also have your spouse do your makeup and check how you appear. It will be hilarious to the audience.

9. The Brain Freeze Challenge

To begin, make sure you are familiar with all safety measures. Secondly, don’t be concerned regarding your brain freezing because it is simply the name of this YouTube Challenge. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

It’s a bit of a challenge, and you’ll need a second person to help you with it. There seem to be two options for completing it: simply fill the bathtub with ice-cold water or a large number of ice cubes and invite a buddy or partner to sit in it. 

If you don’t have access to a bathtub, you can offer questions, and when your friend gets the proper answer, they can exit the ice bathtub.

Here’s a simpler way: drink a cold/iced drink (smoothie) without pausing, and then describe how you feel. Completing this task is a lot more enjoyable when more people are involved.

10. The Smoothie Challenge 

The smoothie challenge is a fantastic task that may go either really well or extremely poorly. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

The challenge’s goal is to choose ten delectable ingredients and ten less delectable components. You have the option of pulling components from a hat or spinning the smoothie wheel of doom. 

The participants will each turn select a random ingredient and blend it. It’s time to mix it up once you’ve decided on a few flavors.

We have a hunch this smoothie will be unappealing. Take your chances, discover who has a higher opportunity, and prepare a smoothie that won’t make you vomit!

11. The Say Anything Challenge 

Gather your buddies since you’ll need at least two players to complete this challenge. This task is super fun and enjoyable when you dig deep into it!

How to Perform this Challenge?

The purpose of this challenge is to pronounce a random word when it’s your time. What’s the catch, you might wonder? You cannot say the same thing again, and you can’t pause when starting something. If you breach either of the rules, your pals get to decide how you’ll be punished.

You may be as naughty as you want with this one. However, a lot of YouTubers mask their faces using tape. The person with the lowest tape on their forehead or the fewest penalties wins! Doesn’t it appear to be simple? Reconsider your position!

12. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge 

Makeup applications might be difficult for some people. On the other hand, many individuals are so skilled at it that they’re doing it without noticing. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

You’ll require two people to take part in this challenge. The term is self-explanatory since all you have to do is blindfold your spouse and have them do your makeup.

You don’t have to be concerned if the individual is skilled and has a natural talent for makeup application; you’ll look fantastic. If the individual is untrained, though, you may end up with eyeshadow and mascara all over your cheeks. 

Both parties triumph in the end. You’ll receive a lot of chuckles and new subscribers due to your efforts. This humorous YouTube challenge will entertain and amuse the audience.

13. The Disney Challenge 

Disney has a lot of soundtracks, and it’s no surprise that Disney movies are a big part of everybody’s upbringing. With this in consideration, YouTubers created The Disney Challenge to test their knowledge of the most well-known Disney masterpieces.

How to Perform this Challenge?

One participant must perform several Disney songs in this challenge. Someone else will try to figure out which film they belong to. If you don’t have a third person to help you browse among songs, you may just choose the tracks you wish to hear and put them on shuffle. 

Every guess is worth one point. There’s also a bit that’s a little tough. If you predict incorrectly and the other individual answers right, you will lose a point.

There seems to be a more challenging version in which you must guess the soundtrack’s name and the movie to which it belongs. If you’re unsure about this, start with the movie title and see how far you can get. 

The winner is the winner who correctly predicted the most Disney films and scored the most credits. Furthermore, it makes no difference between several tracks or which music you add to the playlist.

14. Try Not to Laugh Challenge 

We mentioned a lot of food challenges, but before you get too hungry, let’s move on to some more amusing ones. The traditional Try Not to Laugh challenge is among them. 

This challenge, which shaped many people’s childhood experiences, found its way to YouTube with ease, with a slew of celebrities creating enhanced versions of classic tasks.

How to Perform this Challenge?

As the title suggests, you and your buddies can’t laugh, smile, or grin while viewing a hilarious video, hearing to a humorous text, or doing anything else. That’s such a major task that practically every YouTuber who makes comedies have tried it at least once. Some people didn’t only film videos; they created a whole playlist.

There are a plethora of methods to make the task more difficult, despite the fact that it appears to be pretty straightforward (albeit not easy). Inhaling a large amount of air and holding your breath is one method: drinking a drink of water without swallowing.

You’ll escape embarrassment while winning a humorous challenge this way. People who are trying to smile or grin quietly without emitting any noise may find the endeavor too difficult.

15. Not My Hands Challenge 

When you have company, everything is better. That is not the case with this task. This challenge does not need a large number of participants, but the more people, the better.

How to Perform this Challenge?

Your buddy will provide you its hands, and it will be up to you to determine what you will do with them. Your companion needs to do everything for you, whether it’s working on the computer, dying your hair, cooking, or applying cosmetics.

This is a terrific place to start when you’re a novice looking to gain some attention and grow your following. The problem becomes considerably more fascinating if the individual who takes your place is unfamiliar with the task you’ve assigned to them. This can easily result in a hysterical final result. Give it a go, and let us know how it goes!

16. Say Anything Challenge 

You’ll have to hook up with your buddies for this one, much like the Try Not to Laugh Challenge. The difficulty becomes increasingly difficult as the number of people increases. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

You and the other participants will take turns uttering different words. But there’s a catch: no one may say the same thing twice or say anything that has already been spoken. In addition, you only have one to two seconds to utter the word.

There are several instances of this task being carried out in a funny manner. When you do something wrong, the other participants will cover your face with sticky tape to keep records of you. Whenever the game is over, the player who has made the fewest errors wins.

17. Cinnamon Challenge 

We regret to inform you that it is not a cooking challenge. This challenge has nothing to do with cuisine and everything to do with how much cinnamon you prefer.

The challenge has been a fun sport for a decent amount of time and has just transferred to YouTube. Because it is still fashionable, many YouTubers engage in it.

How to Perform this Challenge?

The challenge’s goal is to use a tablespoon of cinnamon powder or crushed. What’s the catch? There isn’t any water, to be sure. The goal is to elicit the least unpleasant reaction possible; however, the viewers should find them amusing anyway.

The cinnamon challenge may not even be amusing to persons who have allergies, despite the fact that responses can be quite funny. Because cinnamon powder might cause asphyxia, it is not recommended for respiratory issues, such as asthma.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of more fun challenges for you and your pals to try out on YouTube. It’s quite popular on YouTube, but just because you don’t try it doesn’t imply you can’t complete other wildly appealing tasks.

18. Eat it or Wear it

This isn’t a task for fussy eaters, so prepare yourself physically and psychologically. Oh, and it’s not just about the flavor. You should try wearing some old or worn-out clothes so you won’t be disappointed if your clothes are ruined while filming.

How to Perform this Challenge?

So, what’s the mechanism behind it? Various meals can be placed in multiple containers. The bags mustn’t be transparent, so others can’t see what’s within. Then you place the numbers on the bags and let the other players choose theirs.

Following selecting a number, the task is to consume the meals hidden in the bags that correspond to that number. It might be a delicious supper for some and a disgusting one for others. You’ll have to wear it if you decline to consume the food in the containers.

Please remember that the food is generally disgusting, so you’ll probably end up wearing more than you’ll consume. Nevertheless, the individual who opted to eat rather than dress comes out on top. 

The challenge may elicit a sense of surprise, exhilaration, and even contempt. Others with finicky palates and delicate stomachs will find it difficult.

It’s worth noting that selecting the appropriate meal is crucial. Many YouTubers or challenge participants may be sensitive to specific foods, such as eggs, so make sure everybody is okay with the challenge they’ll be given.

19. Ghost Pepper Challenge 

Extra-hot chilies are normally only seen in films and comics, but they may become an actuality in the Ghost Pepper Challenge. The ghost pepper is among the world’s hottest peppers. Considering its awful notoriety, a slew of YouTubers took on the iconic challenge, breaking a sweat in the process.

How to Perform this Challenge?

Participants in the challenge must eat the ghost pepper and then video their response. Many YouTubers who enjoy eating hot and spicy cuisine viewed it as difficult until they filmed it first-hand. Ghost peppers have a tremendously potent and overpowering flavor, and many individuals aren’t up to the task.

We recommend watching a few videos beforehand if you wish to participate in one of the toughest YouTube challenges. You must be able to determine whether or not this challenge is appropriate for you depending on the reactions of others. Keep a glass of milk handy if you believe you’ll suffer. Furthermore, don’t forget to seek online ways to alleviate the impact.

20. McDonald’s Roulette Challenge 

The McDonald’s Roulette Challenge is a fun way to put your luck to the strain. Since you and your pals will have to travel through many McDonald’s drive-throughs without understanding what you’ll get, the challenge is action-packed.

How to Perform this Challenge?

When you’re requested what you want to order, you must order precisely what the person in front of you ordered. Buying from one of the largest fast-food companies might not be too difficult for die-hard McDonald’s lovers and connoisseurs.

Nevertheless, you may well be dissatisfied if the individual in front of you ordered something you don’t like. Furthermore, eating dinner for five may be too difficult if the person in front of you requested the meal for their family when you’re alone. Whether you like McDonald’s or not, we’re confident that you’ll have a good time filming this challenge, as will the viewers.

21. Baby Food Challenge

The Baby Food Challenge appears harmless and relaxing after the Ghost Pepper Challenge. And besides, what could go wrong if you consume baby food? It was accomplished by all of us. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

The task consists of testing out several varieties of baby food and providing a brief assessment of your reactions. Even Amazon has a variety of baby food brands with meals that your children will like. 

However, if you want to make the task a little more, well, hard, you may get together with your pals and try a variety of baby meals. A few aspects from the “Eat It or Wear It Challenge” can be used.

You might, for instance, put the items in various bags and let your pals taste them without understanding what’s inside. We’re confident that the responses will be amusing.

22. Bean Boozled Challenge

Do you recall the Harry Potter films’ jelly beans? As you may be aware, they come in various tastes, some of which are incredibly tasty while others are not.

How to Perform this Challenge?

The Bean Boozled challenge, among the most famous on YouTube, was influenced by similar jelly beans. The Beanboozled Mystery Bean Set, which could be found on Amazon or in regular grocery shops, was tested out by many YouTubers. Some were pleasantly delighted by the flavor, while others were repulsed.

Many have a flavor similar to buttered popcorn or coconut, whereas others taste like sour milk, toothpaste, or vomit. It’s entertaining to watch different YouTubers’ responses, keeping the viewers interested. 

It also helps to increase organic reach. Considering that, the Bean Boozled challenge is simple enough for anybody to attempt. Remember, you may either go great or go home!

23. Extreme Sour Candy Challenge 

This challenge is so amusing that it may lead you to cry. It’s that strange (but funny in all sorts of ways)!

How to Perform this Challenge?

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, know that it’s not going to be simple. Drinking a modest sip of water or any drink which allows you to gargle easily is the problem. 

Then it would help if you attempted to sing a song while gargling. The individual or group of pals with whom you’re competing must identify what music you’re performing. They will be victorious if they do so.

The task is interesting and may easily make you chuckle, particularly if the individual gargling does it in a humorous manner or if you guess the wrong music. But, when you’re not cautious, you risk spilling the water and splashing everybody, or worse, choking.

24. Saltine Cracker Challenge 

The Saltine Challenge may appear simple and quick to do; however, if you look at YouTubers who have completed it, you’ll realize that it is far more difficult. 

How to Perform this Challenge?

When there’s no drink, or you’ll have to consume many candies in a short amount of time. These thin, salty, and savory biscuits are exceedingly tough to swallow. This is precisely the point of this task.

You have one minute to eat six saltines; if you do it in that time, you succeed. However, these are exceedingly salty and dry during the procedure, so getting them down your throat without water in under 60 seconds might be difficult. We’re confident they didn’t taste any saltines for a lot longer after the challenge ended, based on the comments of other YouTubers.

Do you believe you’ve got what it takes to finish it? Certain saltine cracker challenges might ask you to consume seven biscuits instead of six. When you can consume more without a water supply, your viewers will be even more astonished and click the like and subscribe buttons.

25. 10,000 Calorie Fruit Challenge 

We understand that the 10,000 fast-food calorie and large meal challenge seems implausible. But what about the fruit challenge of 10,000 calories? Many individuals don’t consume fruit on a daily basis or neglect to do so. Perhaps this challenge will remind them to swallow it more frequently.

How to Perform this Challenge?

Fruit and vitamins are obviously more lightweight than fast food, so consuming 10,000 calories of fruit may be a bit easier. This could, however, contain pineapples, oranges, mangoes, and a variety of other fruits that you may or may not enjoy.

The challenge may be much simpler for certain individuals, so you could set aside some time to consume it. For instance, setting a time limit of 1 to 2 hours to finish the assignment may be difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re new to YouTube, you probably have many questions about how to film your first challenge. We attempted to respond to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the YouTube Challenge That Doesn’t Take Much Time?

We urge individuals to create challenges that are both interesting and valuable to the audience. They shouldn’t be too short in this case. Try the famous “7 Seconds Challenge,” which entails executing a seven-second plank, a forward roll, standing on your toes, and other exercises if you want to film anything quickly.

What is the YouTube Challenge That Couples Can Perform?

Partners can have as much fun with YouTube challenges as anybody else. You and your significant other may participate in almost any challenge on our list, notably, the Boyfriend Does My Makeup challenge. We think this couple’s tasks will delight a large number of watchers.

There are several well-known YouTube challenges. Bean Boozled Challenge, Eat It or Wear It Challenge, Try Not to Laugh Challenge, and Touch My Body Challenge are among the most famous and tried tasks on the internet.

What are the YouTube Challenges That You Can Perform at Home?

You may complete various tasks from the comfort of your own home. Although we advocate undertaking tasks with acquaintances or YouTubers with whom you collaborate, you may do many challenges on your own. Most of the tasks listed above, particularly the culinary challenges, are simple to do at home.

The Bottom Line

Although there are many famous ones from this “25 YouTube Challenges That’ll Make You Popular in 2022” list, and while many newer ones appear regularly, we chose to round out this collection with the finest YouTube challenges for both beginners and beginners experienced YouTubers.

The benefit of these challenges is that they allow you to connect with your buddies and other YouTubers. Also, because these challenges are innovative and motivating, you might acquire many ideas for challenges and get a large following.

Which YouTube challenge is your top choice? Have you engaged in any of the tasks on this list? If you have, please tell us which one you prefer and why.