What is the Best Microphone for Nikon D5300?

Are you wondering about the best microphone for Nikon D5300? Most DSLR camera owners who make videos buy a microphone at some point. I have bought two microphones for Nikon D5300, and one of them worked well; I’ll share the best microphone for Nikon D5300 in a bit.

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I’m writing this blog post because I want to help Nikon D5300 users who want to make videos and need a microphone as I was one of those people. Being a Nikon D5300 user, I’m very satisfied with the current DSLR microphone I’m using.

If you’re getting into vlogging or becoming a YouTuber, it’s essential to have a DSLR microphone. You may not realize it if you’re starting. As you move forward and start to get subscribers, the audience would begin to recommend using a microphone for better audio quality. This is what happened with me and many other creators I know.

So I decided to answer this query: “what’s the best microphone for Nikon D5300?”

I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to pick an affordable and effective microphone for Nikon D5300.

what is the best microphone for nikon d5300

I’ve used two (shotgun) DSLR microphones so far:

1. Boya VM01

boya by vm01 microphoneBoya VM01 was the first DSLR mic I bought for vlogging. It seemed quite fine until I realized that it wasn’t that good in some areas. You’ll read about it later in this blog post.

2. Boya By MM1

Boya By MM1Boya By MM1 was the second DSLR microphone that I bought for vlogging. It turned out to be an excellent microphone for Nikon D5300 for beginners. Besides the better quality than Boya VM01, a couple of things made it an obvious choice for me:

I. It came with two cords, which means you can attach it to a DSLR camera and a smartphone.

II. It doesn’t require batteries like Boya VM01, which is a massive pain in the butt.

Is Boya VM01 the Best Microphone for Nikon D5300?

I won’t say Boya VM01 is the best microphone for Nikon D5300. Even though, Boya VM01 works on Nikon D5300 without any problem. Before switching to Boya By MM1, I used Boya VM01 for a year or so.

As far as the outdoor conditions’ performance, it worked okay, but I always felt that the audio in the outdoor, noisy condition is still dense and slow. Once I did a noise test in the video, and it turned out it was okay but wasn’t great. On the contrary, Boya B1 MM1 was much better in such conditions.

Nikon D5300Boya By VM01
nikon-d5300-cameraboya by vm01 microphone

Boya VM01 was the first external microphone that I bought for vlogging. It was good, but I didn’t know early that the audio quality could have been better. When I purchased Boya B1 MM1, it took the audio quality to the next level. If I were to choose between the two, I’d pick the Boya B1 MM1.

Is Boya By MM1 the Best Microphone for Nikon D5300?

I do not doubt that Boya By MM1 is the best microphone for Nikon D5300 for beginners. If you’re a professional videographer or a YouTuber, you may have other expensive microphone options. Even though Boya By MM1 works on Nikon D5300 just fine, I have been using this DSLR microphone for over two years, and it’s been terrific.

Nikon D5300Boya By MM1
nikon-d5300-cameraBoya By MM1

I’m a big fan of Boya By MM1 isn’t just the price, but also the quality. I can say with some confidence that it’s an affordable and good-quality microphone, which makes it an excellent choice for beginner vloggers and YouTubers. There are a handful of things that I like about this Boya By MM1 microphone. For instance:

  • It works well in the noisy and outdoor conditions
  • The audio is always clear, especially in the manual sensitivity setting
  • It doesn’t have a long cord just like Boya VM01, which distorts the footage
  • It’s affordable for beginner vloggers, YouTubers, and video creators

Your Thoughts

I’ve shared DSLR microphones I’ve used so far. Plus Boya By MM1 was far better than Boya VM01.

Let me know what microphone you use on Nikon D5300 or any other DSLR camera.