How to Make Vlogs with Camera – Complete Basic to Advanced Guide

Everyone is making vlogs these days, right? So, why not you give it a try and make yourself successful in making vlogs like other professional YouTubers? Sounds awesome right? Well, yeah it is.

Making vlogs with a camera is not a difficult task at all. With the basic and necessary equipment, you might be able to make a beautiful and gorgeous vlog to increase the audience retention as well as to make some good bucks.

Well, the idea of earning from a vlog should not be in your mind if you are just a beginner. Believe me! These professional Youtubers you see have made vlogging their passion and with due hard work, they are able to stand where you see them now.

Enough of the rubbish talk. Let’s get back to the main topic of how to make a perfect vlog with a camera.

What Will You Need?

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The basic equipment that you are going to need to make a vlog with a video camera are as follows:

1. A Vlogging Camera:

Vlogging cameras are now available in the market with better video quality and a compact size at the same time.

As it is your first time making a vlog, so I am not recommending you to go for an expensive vlogging camera.

Anything with a video quality of at least 720p is good for you. So, make sure that you buy a video camera with a 720p video mode, a compact size and has got an external microphone jack.

2. A Vlogging Tripod:

A tripod is very necessary for a video camera. How? Let me answer it in some easy words. A vlogging tripod adds necessary stabilization in the video. That is, you don’t have to get worried about the shakiness or blurriness in your videos.

Vlogging tripods are not so expensive. Joby GorillaPod can cost you no more than 30 bucks. So, invest in a better vlogging tripod if you want to make extraordinary vlogging videos with your camera.

3. External Microphone:

An external microphone is very necessary. That’s why I told you above that you should select a camera with an external mic jack. Now, you might be thinking that why would I need a microphone when the camera itself has got a built-in microphone.

Well, vlogging cameras are made by focusing only on better video quality. Even if they have got a prebuilt microphone, it will not work with better efficiency. To your surprise, you will not find better audio quality even in some of the most expensive vlogging cameras.

Hence, you will need a microphone to make sure that the video quality is better along with the audio quality. A microphone is not going to cost too much as well. You can go for PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone which will cost you no more than 30 bucks.

Therefore, make sure that you have got an effective external microphone with better audio quality before you start shooting for a video blog.

How to Make a Vlog with Camera?

Some important steps in making an effective vlog with a video camera are as follows:

1. Make a List of Your Daily Routines:

A vlog is mostly based on what you do in your daily routine. So, for this purpose, what you need to do first is to make a list of all your routine activities. Listing them down one by one will give you a roadmap on which your vlog will be based.

So, make sure that you include all your activities from morning till night or till evening according to your preferences.

2. Background Matters:

The next step that you must follow for making an effective vlog is to select a beautiful background. Background keeps the audience engaged and with an attractive background, you will be able to keep your viewers engaged in your content.

So, make sure that you have got an effective background. This step is very necessary for indoor vloggers who have to talk about different things while sitting in one place for a long period of time.

3. Variation In Your Content:

No one is going to listen to you for straight 15 minutes. Adding more spice in the vlog you are making is up to you. Now, it depends upon you how you do it.

For instance, after talking for about 3 minutes, you can hold the camera in your hand. You can show your audience something unexpected. Anything can be done to keep your viewers in suspense that what will happen next in this vlog.

So, consider this step if you want to make a good vlog with your camera.

4. Proper Outline of the Vlog:

A proper pattern is very necessary for every vlog. Just like every movie has a storyline or every drama has a plot, it is necessary that your vlog should contain the basic storyline along with pointed out things.

The things that you highlight in your outline should be included in your vlog. In this way, it will be very rare that you can miss anything that you wanted to show to your audience.

5. Shooting the Video with Confidence:

Leave hesitation and low self-esteem at your home as vlogging is not for a coward and afraid people. Never get afraid in front of the camera. Be confident in whatever you are delivering to your audience.

Your first vlog will have a lot of mistakes. Your second vlog will have fewer mistakes and the trend will follow on. Just don’t fall low on your self-confidence and you are good to go.

6. Basic Editing:

Basic editing is necessary for every vlog. You will need to merge the video clips you have made with the camera. Proper trimming and cropping are also required in necessary places.

There are free apps available for this purpose, however, you can also purchase different editing softwares in this regard.

7. Uploading:

Finally, the last step will be to upload your vlog on YouTube. Make sure that you share it on all social platforms after making it public.

Some Last Words:

That’s how you can make a good vlog with the help of a camera. Just follow these simple steps and you will improve with the passage of time.

Good Luck!!