Does Canon M50 have a Mic Input?

Does canon eos m50 have a mic input

Does Canon M50 have a Mic Input? Canon M50 does support external microphones, so it means it does have a mic input. Maybe, you’re going to vlog with Canon M50 or make YouTube videos, which’s great as I love vlogging.

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Plus, I’ve tested Canon M50 mirrorless camera once and made a couple of clips to insert into the vlog. I can tell you that it does have a mic input, and you can attach an external microphone to it.

Some of you might be wondering what microphone I attached to Canon M50; then it was Boya By MM1 — it’s the best microphone for beginner vloggers and YouTubers. I have been using this mic for over two years, and I haven’t had any issues.

Canon EOS M50Boya By MM1
Boya By MM1

There you go; feel free to buy Canon M50 camera if you’re curious about the microphone jack and input. You can find out what mount Canon EOS M50 have on this very blog.

Canon EOS M50 for Vlogging and Photography

Canon M50 is a compact and lightweight mirrorless DSLR camera from Canon. I have used it once for vlogging and found it very convenient compared to the slightly bigger Nikon D5300 camera. I’ll be looking forward to playing around with this camera soon. Since it’s my brother’s camera and he studies in a different city.

You’d read all the necessary camera specifications later in this blog post. However, I’m excited to share a couple of characteristics with you:

1. Canon EOS M50 is relatively smaller as it weighs 387g only. Furthermore, it can record 4k footage, which is excellent.

2. As far as photography is concerned, it could turn out to be a great photography camera. It has 24.2 MP of maximum resolution, which means it could shoot high-quality pictures.

Professional photographers adjust the manual settings of the camera according to the lighting conditions, and later on, fix the photos during the photo editing. The detachable lens allows you to put other compatible lenses, especially for photography.

Canon EOS M50 is a popular mirrorless camera that can shoot up to 4K. It comes with a 15-45mm kit lens, which is perfect for vlogging.

Here are some specifications of Canon EOS M50:

Video Recording4K Resolution
ISO 100 – 25,600
ViewfinderYes (2.36-million dot OLED built-in electronic)
Lens TypeMirrorless interchangeable lens camera
Lens mountCanon EF-M
Sensordual-pixel CMOS sensor
Image sensor size22.3 mm × 14.9 mm
Maximum resolution24.2 MP
FocusDual Pixel CMOS autofocus
Frame rate10 fps; 7.4 fps with autofocus
Shutter speed30 s to 1/4000 s
Weight387 g (13.7 oz)

Canon EOS M50: Release date and Price

Canon EOS M50 was released on February 26, 2018. The price was approx. $779 at that time, but now you could find it between $600 to $700. However, I’m not 100% sure about the pricing because it could fluctuate according to the US dollar’s exchange rate (if you’re outside the United States). So lookout for the exact pricing before you order your Canon EOS M50.