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Can You Vlog on Canon EOS M50?

If you’re going to buy a Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera and want to know that whether or not you can vlog on Canon EOS M50, then you’re at the right place. The answer is yes; you can vlog on the Canon EOS M50 camera. I have been testing the Canon EOS M50 camera

Does Canon M50 have a Mic Input?

Does Canon M50 have a Mic Input? Canon M50 does support external microphones, so it means it does have a mic input. Maybe, you’re going to vlog with Canon M50 or make YouTube videos, which’s great as I love vlogging. Plus, I’ve tested Canon M50 mirrorless camera once and made a couple of clips

What Mount Does Canon EOS M50 Have?

Are you interested in Canon EOS M50 camera? You might want to know, what mount does Canon EOS M50 have? Canon EOS M50 has a Canon EF-M mount on all of the Canon EOS M series cameras. It’s necessary to know the mount type before you a camera so that you could check up