Best Vlogger Ideas to Boost Audience Engagement 2022

Vlogging, also known as video blogging, is one of the information-sharing tactics expanding at the quickest pace on the internet. To give you a sense of how widespread the practice of video blogging is now, consider that 44% of people who use the internet do so every month.

The most popular vloggers on YouTube each have millions of followers. Casey Neistat, a viral sensation on YouTube, has amassed 10.8 million followers. That is a difference of 5 million compared to the number of subscribers that CNN’s channel has, which is 5.8 million. But what are the qualities of an excellent YouTube blogger? The answer to that question will remain the same: the one and only genuine ruler. Content.

 If you are a video blogger, one of the most difficult challenges you are likely to face is coming up with material that may captivate the people who watch your channel. I have compiled a list of 10 content ideas that you can begin using right now to assist you with this.

10 Best Vlogger Ideas for Content [Ideas for You!]

Idea #1: Introductory Vlogs

Introductory Vlogs

What better way is to introduce yourself to the audience if you have only started. Take it from us that your audience must know who you are before they would like to get into the grand scheme of things. Here are some of the introductory vlog ideas that will interest you.

1. Who are you?

who are you

Beginners who want to make vlogs of high quality and a popular channel on YouTube need to begin by briefly introducing themselves as the creator. You will be able to connect with the audience electronically and emotionally if you provide them with some background information about yourself, such as your name, age, qualifications, or even your likes and dislikes. It will be easier to get subscribers if the viewers are aware of the content ideas you have for both the present and the future of your vlog. To win over your audience’s confidence, you must provide trustworthy and genuine material.

2. Why you’re vlogging?

There is always a purpose or driving force behind the stuff you believe should be shared on your vlog with the general audience. You are obligated to make your objectives clear about the stuff that you post on your vlog. The audience will be better able to choose if they want to continue following your channel or not after reading this. You might be motivated to produce amazing material for your vlog for various reasons. It might be a desire to become well-known or a goal to establish a brand that is well recognized.

3. Your goals and ambitions for the vlogging channel

Do the viewers know what kinds of material you plan to post shortly? If this is not the case, one of the most important aspects of growing your YouTube channel is including this topic early in your vlogs. Make sure that the people who are a part of your target audience are aware of the videos you want to complete and the material you will provide. However, this straightforward tactic, which is often disregarded, can generate anticipation and suspense in the followers, encouraging them to remain connected to the channel.

Idea #2 General Vlogs

Idea number two on our list represents the general vlogs. It can be anything, literally! You can start with making vlogs on:

4. Talks about trends

You can make a video talking about some of the most popular trends that most vloggers are doing currently. You can then ask your audience to let you know which one of the trends in their favorite in the comments. Ask them if they want you to try some of the trends.

5. Make any tutorial

In general, instructional films get a large number of views. Create a video tutorial on your area of expertise to share your knowledge with others. The trustworthiness of your brand may also be improved with the use of material like this. In addition, it demonstrates to your subscribers that you are there to enhance the quality of their life in some way.

6. Pet Caring

If you have a pet, you should produce several films discussing how to care for it properly. Discuss prevalent issues and provide solutions for resolving them. Create a list of things you should and should not do.

7. Best Places to Eat in Town

Create a list of restaurants that are some of your favorites. Describe the cuisine, level of service, and atmosphere of several establishments located inside your city, nation, or both.

8. House Decoration [Occasion Vlogs]

It’s almost always a lot of joy to decorate a home. Create a video blog on the numerous ways you may spruce up a space for special events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Easter, and others.

Idea #3 Personal Blogs

Making personal is always ideal. What this does is makes the connection between you and your audience stronger. How? When you open up about yourself to your audience, they instantly perceive you as honest and humble for sharing some of the most sensitive information. Here are some of the tips that can help you in this regard:

  • Tips on public speaking
  • Self-discipline tips
  • Life lessons
  • How to care less about the things doesn’t concern you
  • Thoughts on the meaning of life, etc.

Idea #4 Tech Vlogs

This might be the market for you if you have a knack for technology or a natural interest in various electronic devices. People certainly require assistance to figure out how to use an electronic gadget in our fast-paced world when new technology is developed pretty much every day.

Create instructional video guides. These are the videos in which you discuss an approach to resolving an issue. What are the most effective tags to use in a video?

How can one make money while working from home? How can one get followers on social media platforms? Create films in which you demonstrate how to set up various things, such as a new phone, a laptop, and other electronic devices.

Idea #5 Travel Vlogs

travelling vlogs

Traveling vlogs are so much fun! Almost every blogger today is making one of these. Here are some of the traveling vlogs ideas that you can make your next YouTube video about:

9. Travel to Mountains

Many vloggers do this today. They go to mountainous places for a couple of weeks or maybe a whole week to make the mesmerizing and most natural vlogs you will encounter. You can give this one a go if you have some free time.

10. Travel to Beach

Whenever you travel to your local beach next time, that is the perfect time to make the next vlog for your YouTube channel. Again, as mentioned, many top-rated vloggers are following this trend currently. And, they have been increasing their audience engagement by ten folds.

11. Guide to a Particular Place

If you’ve been to a particular place, say, Barcelona (in Spain), you can guide your users by telling them about the kind of experience you had when you visited the place. Guide them about the best restaurants in the town. Guide them about the best hotels, etc.

Idea #06 Creative Vlogs

Another category on our list is the category of creative vlogs that can somewhat be different from what you normally do. Again, this is a popular trend. Here are some of the best suggestions that you can work on:

12. Cooking-at-Home Videos

A lot of individuals have the goal of becoming skilled cooks. Please share some of your go-to recipes with the people who watch your channel. Instruct them in both basic and advanced methods of the kitchen.

13. Dancing Tutorials

If you have experience dancing and a solid technique, you should consider teaching others how to dance via your videos. Please provide some information about your history and the kinds of styles appealing. Last but not least, show folks some great dance skills.

14. How You Can Stay Creative

If you want to maintain and grow your audience, you must constantly come up with fresh ideas, challenges, and other things that people will find intriguing. Explain to individuals how to get their creative juices flowing and where they may get fresh ideas for videos.

Idea #07 Do’s and Don’ts of Vlogging

Videos that demonstrate the “Dos and Don’ts” of using a product or carrying out a certain action are quite helpful. It is a different method than performing a tutorial because, rather than explaining it openly, you are more or less offering advice and providing them concerning know if they are doing anything incorrectly. This makes it a different approach than delivering a tutorial. The most effective approach to this is to illustrate a “do” for every “don’t” that you provide. You can produce a “do” or “don’t” video on any subject. For example, you might design a travel guide titled “The Dos and Don’ts of Packing a Carry-On,” for example. In the realm of beauty, you might compile a list of “dos and don’ts” for achieving the ideal winged eyeliner look. In the realm of technology, you might compile a list of “dos and don’ts” to maintain your iPhone’s health.

Idea #08 Demonstrate Something

Demonstrations are quite similar to tutorials, except that they do not necessarily teach you how to do a task on your own. People may be inspired to utilize a product in a meaningful manner by seeing its demonstration. Because demos don’t reveal everything up front, viewers are left wanting more, which increases the likelihood that they will be interested in purchasing the goods being shown. These vlogs are adaptable and can be included in any channel’s aesthetic.

Idea #09 Collaborate with Other Vloggers

Working together with other video bloggers to create content is beneficial for various reasons. You not only have the opportunity to gain knowledge from one another and generate exciting new concepts, but you also have the chance to present your channel to their whole audience. There are numerous different ways that people work together. You do interviews with one another, host one another’s videos, and maybe even work together to produce a collaborative lesson. Make sure that you collaborate with another YouTuber whose audience would be interested in the stuff that you offer daily when you are producing a collaborative vlog and that you do this.

Idea #10 Trending Vlogs

15. Trending Tablet

It’s very common to have periods of a creative block from time to time. YouTube’s trending tab is an excellent place to start if you don’t know where to begin. If you’re looking for anything specific, you may be able to find it.

16. Looking at Others

If you’re not into following the latest trends, look for vloggers who do what you want. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick up some tips and ideas for your own YouTube channel.

17. Live Streams

It’s becoming more common to watch videos online. Organize a live broadcast if you have a large enough following: play video games, interact with your viewers, and answer their queries.

19. Life Hacks (a must, if you may!)

This is a rather wide-ranging subject. Choosing a topic with some expertise and sharing your favorite life tips can be a better option.

The Bottom Line

Making your YouTube channel more productive and influential is possible with creative YouTube vlog ideas. The number of views and subscribers to your vlog will skyrocket if you use the unique vlog ideas of more established vloggers.

Aside from that, these suggestions might help you see things from an outsider’s viewpoint and better comprehend your target audience.

You’ll have an easier time attracting visitors to your YouTube channel if you know your target audience. In the same way, business-minded people may benefit from these surprisingly simple and successful vlog ideas.