10 Best Tripod for Vlogging : Get steady shots

The utmost concern of every Vlogger is to increase the production value of their vlogs. You may probably be aware of some of the essential accessories and tools that are the prerequisite to creating good quality content. But do you know about the tripods and their importance? If not, do not worry; keep scrolling down!

Suppose you are a newbie in the field of vlogging, then you’ll require three main things to make a perfect Vlog. The first thing is the camera; the second one is the tripod, and last but not least, a video editing software.

Tripods are an affordable and great means of putting in more quality and functionality to your Vlogs in an instant. The days are gone, when the people used to stack books to utilize them as a Tripod or balancing the camera on a desk. You can’t find a better way other than a tripod to keep your camera stable in this modern world. It helps to protect your content from blurring out by avoiding unwanted vibrations.

All you need to do is to combine a tripod on the bottom of the camera, having a wide-angle lens, and here you go to make videos that will get more in a frame. It will make it easier to tell your story to your viewers in a more professional way, and of course, you can shoot for an extended period without facing the issue of holding your camera and getting tired.

You will come across a huge variety of tripods in the market. But it isn’t very clear, so we have made it easier for you to select the right one for you by explaining the ten best tripods for Vlogging 2021. 

So, let’s talk about them one by one without further delay!

Comparison Table of 10 Picked Tripods

1. Joby GorillaPod

1. Joby GorillaPod

  • 6.6 lbs
  • 4.7″
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2. Magnus VT-4000 Fluid <br>Head Tripod

2. Magnus VT-4000 Fluid
Head Tripod

  • 8.8 lbs
  • 59″
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3. SwitchPod

3. SwitchPod

  • 100 lbs
  • 11″
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4. UBeesize 50” Phone Tripod

4. UBeesize 50” Phone Tripod

  • 1 lbs
  • 50”
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5. Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI <br>Mini Tripod

5. Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI
Mini Tripod

  • 2.205 lbs
  • 5.3”
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6. Amazon Basics Lightweight <br>Camera Mount Tripod

6. Amazon Basics Lightweight
Camera Mount Tripod

  • 6.6 lbs
  • 50”
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7. Sirui 3T-35K

7. Sirui 3T-35K

  • 8.8 lbs
  • 13.4″
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8. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

8. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

  • 4.4 lbs
  • 61”
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9. Fotopro UFO2 Set Tripod

9. Fotopro UFO2 Set Tripod

  • 1.76 lbs
  • 11”
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10. Velbon Videomate 438 <br>Aluminum tripod

10. Velbon Videomate 438
Aluminum tripod

  • 4.41 lbs
  • 61”
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#1. Joby GorillaPod (Best 360° Vlogging Tripod)

1. Joby GorillaPod

The number one tripod on our list is Joby GorillaPod. If you are a Vlogger, then most probably you may have seen or heard about this tripod. Many famous Vloggers like Roman Atwood and Casey Neistat. If you search for a tripod that is flexible and can be adjusted at any surface, you can’t find a better tripod stand other than the Jolly GorillaPod.

One of the best features that you should look for in a tripod is stability, and it is one of the most stable tripods. Surprisingly, it possesses two dozen leg joints that make it flexible, and you can mold the legs in any direction. Also, the tripod contains foot grips and a rubberized grip. All these features mix up to make it a tripod that can bend the camera to 360°. You are free to take short of all the directions; Joly GorillaPod is always ready to help you out.

It is easy and quick to set up due to a feature known as Arca-swiss system computability. This system also offers a quick-release mechanism that remains connected to the recording device. Being so awesome, it is compatible with many camera models, including 325, 500, 1K kit, 3K kit, 5K kit. So, this tripod is ideal for mirrorless and SLR cameras. Its maximum height is 4.7″ with a weight capacity of 6.6 lbs.

This tripod is among the most durable tripods ever, and you can place your camera on it without any worries, as this tripod cares for your camera and hold it tightly and safely. Maybe sometimes your camera may fall from your hands but not from the Joly GorillaPod. The reason behind it is the material used in the construction of the tripod, and that material is durable anodized Aluminum. It gives smooth movement and durability to the tripod. This tripod is designed to take your Vlogging to the next level.


  • Flexible legs
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • A little bit costly
  • Take some time to master the flexible legs

#2. Magnus VT-4000 Fluid Head Tripod (Best Fluid Head Vlogging Tripod)

2. Magnus VT-4000 Fluid
  • Supports 8.8 lb (4 kg)
  • Height Adjustment Range – 27.6″ to 59″ | Middle Spreader | Fixed Counter Balance
  • Lightweight Tripods | With Quick Release Plate
  • Tilt Angle +90° / -60°
  • Limited 1-Year manufacture Warranty

If you aim to shoot your videos that look not only stunning but also professional, you are reading about the right tripod for you. The Magnus VT-4000 Fluid Head Tripod comes with all the crucial features that must be present in the best tripod stand.

It’s a large-sized stand having a height of 59″, with a weight capacity of 8.8 lbs. It’s a lightweight structure that makes it easier to carry and use. It is made with a solid metal material, i.e., Aluminum, so it is also durable and sturdy. That’s means you don’t need to replace your tripod over and over. In addition, it can carry a camera of up to 4KG in weight.

Additionally, one amazing feature that this tripod possesses is the mid-level spreader. As the name depicts, the spreader is used to allow you to stretch the tripod’s legs and set up the whole setup in no time. Also, it contains a quick-releasing sliding plate to slide the camera in and out.

Most probably, you are now thinking that what’s the reason behind potting a fluid head in it? The simple answer to this question is that the liquid head assists in capturing tilted shots and smooth pans. The fluid is ideal for reducing jerkiness in your recordings and for making them soft. In addition, it allows tilt angle adjustments from +90° to -60°.

So if you are a Vlogger, who loves to make videos of adventurous and dangerous tracks and want these hard paths don’t affect the smoothness of your video, then you should go for this tripod as it will prove to be the best tripod for you!


  • Fluid head tripod
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to set-up


  • Build quality is not so good

#3. SwitchPod (Best Hybrid Vlogging Tripod)

  • Make transporting your tripod easy
  • Experience versatility
  • Choose the tripod experts recommend
  • Get rough with it
  • Keep it simple

If you are looking for a tripod that offers the features of legs of both the Joly GorillaPod and the three-legged tripods, you can find a hybrid of both in the market with the name SwitchPod. You’ll fall in love with the articulating legs of this tripod. These can open up and close quickly by simply a quick motion. This feature of SwitchPod allows people to make Vlog-style shooting as well as tabletop tripod-style recording.

This tripod contains removable legs to use in different ways and can remove 2 to 3 legs to enjoy a traditional one-handed Vlogging setup. This tripod has a sleek design, is easy to store in a pocket or a bag. It is among the most portable and durable tripods.

It also allows you to tighten your accessory or camera without the need to continually twist the accessory or camera immediately with the help of the huge knob present on the floor of the mounting component.

Its high-quality material and purposeful design are the best features of it. It is guaranteed by the manufacturer of this tripod that it is not only ideal to use by filmmakers but also by photographers.

This unique tripod is very easy to set up, use and comes at affordable prices. It is the light weighted, sturdy and versatile tripod that you are looking for. Like other best tripod stands, it is also made up of Aluminum, so you don’t need to worry about its durability. Greatly, the Switchpod is incredible because of its extraordinary ergonomics. Try out this hybrid tripod once!


  • Removable legs
  • Indestructible
  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy to hold


  • A little bit pricy
  • A little bit heavy

#4. UBeesize CT50 Tripod (Best Multi-Functional Adjustable Travel Vlogging Tripod)

UBeesize 50” Phone Tripod
  • 3-way Pan Head
  • Durable and Stable
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Universal and Compatible
  • Extendable and Adjustable

This tripod of UBeesize has gained much popularity in no time, and people love to use it for Vlogging. It is a highly compatible camera for your devices, including mirrorless cameras, webcams, LED lights, and smartphones.

It is also compatible with many models of cameras and smartphones, including iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 5, iPhone XS, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9+, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 5c, GoPro, and iPhone SE due to build-in 1/4” universal screw. This screw is compatible with all these devices.

It is a very lightweight tripod stand and weighs only 1.05 lbs, so that you can carry it with you anywhere. Its remarkable features have made it popular, and it is amazon’s bestseller tripod. It is a versatile tripod that you can use for indoor and outdoor shooting without any hesitation; it’s up to you that either you use it in your home or take it out with you to shoot photography of outside scenery.

It is good for professional photographers and non-professional ones who have small to medium-sized cameras; hence, it is safe to use. It can also hold large cameras like the SLR camera with a 5D Mark III supporting a long 70-200mm zoom lens. The cell phone holder also comes with a tripod, so you don’t need to buy it separately. It is compact enough to fit in the motorcycle saddlebags.

This model of UBeesize has 2-section legs utilizing abrupt flip locks having a smooth operation, and also allow you to shoot in extreme weather conditions due to the weather-resistant legs. Like other tripods, it also has an extendable center column to increase its height to 50”. Also, take it out to capture photos from full height. You’ll fall in love with this good multi-functional tripod for your Vlogging.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Adjustable height
  • 2-section legs
  • Build-in 1/4” universal screw


  • Lack Bluetooth capabilities

#5. Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod (Best Light Weight Vlogging Tripod)

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod
  • Mini tripod for Compact System Cameras
  • Comfortable handgrip to capture great videos
  • Push button locking mechanism for easy setup
  • Lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to carry
  • Attractive Italian design

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI is a very extraordinary creation based on attractive Italian design. It is among the useful and versatile tripods and is recommended to every blogger. But, most probably, if you are recording from your home or any comfortable place, then you may not be curious about a full-size tripod.

If you search for a multi-use and cost-effective tripod stand, then Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod could be the best option. It can be attached to GoPro’s, iPhone’s, Point & Shoot Cameras, and many more being versatile.

This stand can serve as a hand grip or tripod, all you need to do is convert it into an ergonomic handgrip by folding its legs, and here you go. If you want to do Vlogging in Casey Neistat style, it also provides you with the option of using its legs as a handle grip. Expanding the tripod’s legs acts as a sturdy and stable base that is feasible for time-lapse and long exposure videos.

Moreover, it is a very lightweight and compact tripod but not suitable for heavier cameras. This tripod of pleasant and appealing design is more secure on level surfaces than the irregular terrains and inclined planes.

It has a ball head mount, so it is easy to manage and set up.  Surprisingly it is not made up of Aluminum but stainless steel and Adapto. Its material made it different from others. It is a perfect mini tripod for CSC (Compact System Cameras). Its maximum height is 13.5 cm, and its weight is just 0.19 kg. So it is the best option for Vloggers.


  • It can be used as a handgrip or tripod
  • Lightweight
  • Best for phones and smart camera
  • Durable


  • Not meant for heavier cameras

#6. Amazon Basics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod (Amazon Best Seller Vlogging Tripod)

Amazon Basics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod
  • Adjustable-height tripod made of lightweight aluminum; weighs just over a pound
  • 3-way head allows for tilt and swivel motion; portrait or landscape options
  • Quick-release plate helps ensure fast transitions between shots
  • 3-section, lever-lock legs for easy height adjustments; zippered storage bag included
  • Measures 16.5 inches (collapsed); extends up to 50 inches

The next tripod that is on our list is the best seller tripod stand of Amazon. Amazon Basics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod is an entry-level photo tripod. It is mainly designed for static video capture on a low-profile camera. However, it is one of the most appealing tripods for Vloggers due to its price and easy-to-use system, ideal for beginners.

As it is ideal for photography, don’t expect pans and tilts; as a photo tripod, it can take static photos efficiently. The other interesting fact about this tripod is that it’s made up of a strong metal known as Aluminum so that you can use it freely. It can carry a weight of 3kg or 6.6 lbs.

It is a lightweight tripod having rubber feet and legs that are adjustable. It is compatible with most digital cameras, GoPro devices, still cameras,  video cameras, scopes, and smartphone adapters (not included).

Another feature is its 3-way head. This feature allows Amazon Basics Lightweight camera mount tripod to shoot videos at 360°, giving you the panoramic possibility. In addition, you can get a perfect shot by using the tripod’s smooth tilt mechanism.

For fast transition between shots, a quick-release mounting plate is there.  It provides the option of raising only one leg or whatever you want. The maximum height of this model is 50”.

You will never repent buying this tripod as many Vloggers use it, and most of the comments about this model are also very good.


  • Lightweight
  • Best seller of Amazon
  • 3-way head
  • Affordable


  • Lack fluid head

#7. Sirui 3T-35K (Best Versatile Vlogging Tripod)

Sirui 3T-35K
  • Small table top or handheld tripod with ball head
  • 10cm long feet that can be folded up or down by 180°
  • Centre column can be extended by 8. 5cm or removed altogether
  • Height: 27, 2cm – Weight: 0, 25kg – max. Load: 4kg
  • SIRUI 3T-35 Table Top

If you are looking for a tripod with adjustable heights, you should know about the Sirui 3T-35K. Its adjustable sizes allow you to shrink and expands the tripod according to your demand. You can also hold this unique tripod in your hands by shrinking it and can take amazing shots by increasing its height. The center column can be expanded by 8. 5cm. It has 10cm long legs that have rubber tips and offers incredible stability. You can also carry this tripod in a backpack or a belt.

Like other tripod stands, this tripod is also made of a durable material, i.e., Aluminium. This metal provides stability to the frame. This tripod is easy and quick to set up. It can tilt at 180° and has a locking system. You can use it for shooting smooth videos.

Due to its size, it can be placed in the pocket or the bag. This tripod can hold your camera like DSLR strongly. It is stout enough to grab your smartphone or camera, and don’t let it fall. You can use this tripod for both videography and photography.

Additional features include a quick-release plate, an arca-type compatible ball head, and doubles as a handheld pole. Its selfie stick function made it easy to captures your selfies perfectly.

Being light and compact, it is ideal for journeys, explorations and can work in any situation. So if you are at the initial stages in the field of Vlogging, you should give a chance at this Sirui ET-35K tripod first because this tripod is specially designed for you!


  • Highly compatible
  • Durable
  • 180° tilting
  • Arca-type compatible ball head


  • Lack flexible legs
  • Not capable of holding heavier devices

#8. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod (Best Action Tripod)

Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod (Best Action Tripod)
  • High-quality aluminium design
  • Perfect for entry-level SLRs with standard lenses
  • Switch from photo to movie mode almost instantly
  • Quick-release plate supports a wide range of devices
  • Includes a special adapter for higher-specification cameras

Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod is a tripod made up of Aluminum and is five-section camera support with a maximum height of 61” and a minimum height of 17.3”. It can hold up to 4.4 lb, weighs 2.6 lb, and folded length of 17.8”.

If you search for a light, highly functional, and compact tripod stand, then you should take a good start from Manfrotto Action Tripod. Being lightly weighted, it is highly portable, and you can carry it anywhere with you, even on flights.

If it is light weighted, it doesn’t mean it can’t hold your cameras strongly. On the contrary, it is robust enough to keep your cameras efficient. Moreover, it can carry medium-sized or mirrorless DSLR cameras, such as Canon 80D or 70.

Additionally, it has many other remarkable features, including a scroll-wheel locking system along with a joystick head. This type of head enables you to move in a panoramic 360° movement. Such a type of movement can help you with tracking shots. Finally, this tripod is fun to use. This Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod is small in size and contains tightening and losing wheels along with a shorter handle. These characteristics help to move around for the average view and angle.

Moreover, it has a Video Mode that is highly appreciated by the videographers. This feature helps them move the head in the usual pan and tilt motions required for shooting lateral movements, landscape, and many other photos.

Along with the videographers, it is also admired by the photographers. The head of this tripod contains a photography mode. This mode allows the 360° motion to capture videos from all views. Thus, you’ll find this tripod ideal for both the photos and the videos.


  • 360° shooting
  • Scroll-wheel locking system
  • Hybrid head
  • Video mode


  • It only comes with a single quick release
  • Limited head movement

#9. Fotopro UFO2 Set Tripod (Best Smartphone Vlogging Tripod)

Fotopro UFO2 Set Tripod
  • Durable and Resistant
  • Waterproof & Flexible 
  • 360° Swivel Head
  • Light & Portable
  • High Compatibility

The next tripod on our list is UFO2 Set Tripod by Fotopto. This versatile tripod is well known among Vloggers because it is very easy to set up and use. It works for smartphones and mobiles but is mainly used by Vloggers who love to shoot by mobile phones.

It is compatible with many devices include iPhone, GoPro, Samsung, LG, Huawei and other cell phones, Canon, Nikon, Kodak, and other cameras. The thing which made it stand above the crowd is its flexibility and waterproof ability. The maximum height of it is 11”.

It is the most flexible tripod due to its highly durable and adjustable legs. These legs can be titled in any direction so that this tripod can be placed on any surface. This tripod makes the shooting of your video more fun.

The main advantage to its users is that its legs are made up of high-density rubberized feet designed to combat all kinds of filming environments and conditions. And being waterproof, you can also enjoy filming in wet conditions.

It has an issue, and that is, it can’t bear a weight of more than 800g. But just due to this, you can’t say that it’s not a good tripod as it has built-in a phone clip and a phone head. Both things made it compatible with many other devices.

If you think of shooting a video in portrait mode, it may cause some trouble, but no worries, this issue is resolvable. Despite these drawbacks, it is one of the best smartphone tripods for vloggers who want a smartphone tripod stand at affordable prices.


  • Waterproof
  • Portable
  • Built-in a phone clip and a phone head
  • Flexible legd


  • Can’t bear heavy weight cameras

#10. Velbon Videomate 438 (Best Reasonable Vlogging Tripod)

Velbon Videomate 438 Aluminum tripod
  • Best Video Tripod
  • Brand: Velbon
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 1.23 Kilograms

Another tripod in the list of best Vlogging tripods includes the Velbon Videomate 438 Aluminum tripod. It is a tripod that is foldable into a small size. This tripod is very lightweight, 71 lb.

Its maximum height is 153cm or 61″, and its folded length is 23.23”. It has a maximum load capacity of 4.41 lb, so us able to hold your cameras strongly. Moreover, it is very easy to transport and store because it comes with a bag to carry it.

This tripod is highly compact, sturdy, reliable, and stable due to the Aluminum – the material it is made up of. In addition, it is equipped with three-sectioned legs that have radial leg braces that lending firm support. This feature made it ideal for use.

Other features include a tilt head and fluid pan. This pan allows the tilting of the camera in various directions, including right or left direction, backward and forward. Additionally, Velbon Videomate 438 also possesses an accessory called QB-4L quick release plate. This feature made this tripod to be set up easily and quickly. The tiltable pans of this tripod assure the capturing of still photos from the best angle.

Its durability makes it perfect for use. Some customers may have complaints about the fluid head, but others find it ideal for the price. In addition, this tripod helps you out a lot in shooting vibration-free videos.

If you are exploring a tripod that can help you in your vlogging career but are worried about the money, you should purchase Velbon Videomate 438 once!


  • Lightweight
  • QB-4L quick release plate
  • Durable
  • Sturdy


  • The fluid head is not so good

Best Tripods Buying Guide

The Factors Which You Should Look for in a Tripod

No professional Vlogger can deny the importance of a tripod. It is the second most important thing after a camera that can make your Vlogs more appealing, mesmerizing, vibration-free, and more good in quality.

But you should not pick any tripod for you without considering some factors about it. Not every tripod is equipped with all the features that should be present in a tripod. It’s up to you what budget you give to purchase a tripod, what type of features you want in a tripod, and which tripod will suit best for you and your camera. So, here are some general factors that you must look for in a tripod if you are in search of the best tripod:

Never Overlook Stability

The very first thing that you must consider about a tripod is its stability. If the tripod you are choosing is not stable, it may cause some annoyance like, due to its shaking, the results of your video can be unprofessional and blurry. Shooting a perfect video either by your mobile or your camera is almost impossible using an unstable tripod.

Moreover, sometimes you need to do live streaming, which will be very embarrassing if your unstable tripod causes any issue. Right? So your tripod should be strong enough and must be designed so that it remains stable on different surfaces and with various camera angles. You may also choose a tripod having unique counter balancing features for circumstances when the tripod stand requires bending to a particular angle for good video production.

Choose Adjustable Heights

Some tripods have the built-in feature of adjusting their height, due to which the aluminum rod can extend itself according to your need. You can also choose a mini tripod for shooting videos of product reviews, studio recordings, lectures, etc., by placing it on a desk.

The size of the tripod should be less than 30cm or 12” in length. Due to adjustable heights, it should be able to extend up to 125cm or 50” in length.

Look for Best Material

No one of us would like to buy tripods again and again. Everyone wants durable things that can stay with them for a prolonged duration. The durability of the tripod depends on the material of which it is made. A tripod made up of good metal can hold your heavyweight DSLR cameras perfectly. It only keeps your cameras well but also helps you to shoot videos. It is favorable for harsh and unfavorable weather conditions like freezing temperatures. Never overlook the importance of robust and high-quality materials.

Consider Weight

Most people like light weighted tripods, yes these are good as they are easy to carry, but then they should be strong enough to carry the weight of your camera or smartphone. The ideal weight for a tripod is 1 to 1.5kg or 2 to 3 pounds.

Choose the Camera Plate According to Your Device

On a tripod stand, the camera plate is a portion where you’ll be mounting your camera or smartphone for shooting videos. The cameras and smartphones are different sizes and weights, so you should choose the tripod stand with compatible clamps. The tilt, swivel, and pan choices for the cameras and smartphones keep them in the right position.

Consider Removable Mounts

It is not easier to tackle the fixed plates. The removable mounts provide you with the option of upgrading the tripod according to your need. Additionally, you can also fake take advantage of a removable head to use it on another tripod. Such heads are portable and flexible.

Never Compromise on Quality for Price

In starting of their career, every Vlogger tries to buy a cheap tripod. Of course, it’ll be satisfactory for you to buy the cheap one, but honestly speaking, they are not portable and durable. Plus, you also have to change it periodically. So it is better to purchase a good quality tripod (as mentioned above) at a reasonable price once, rather than investing money over and over in buying the cheap tripod.

Final Words

A best quality tripod stand helps you in many ways for recordings by your smartphones or cameras. The market is offering numerous tripods, but not every tripod is made for you. So, you’ve to choose what you want in affordable pricing wisely.

All the tripods mentioned above are ideal for use in outdoor and indoor video making and photography. So, hurry up and get one for you if you want to stand out of the crowd and make progress by leaps and bounds by creating professional content; good luck with your Vlogging career!