Motovlogging is getting famous day by day as it provides a perfect platform for the motovloggers to create and deliver their content in the form of motovlogs to their viewers. Motovlogging is a balanced mixture of Motorcycle, Video, and Blogging. It is mainly a process of shooting a video of a ride on the bike. The video is recorded with the aid of an action motovlogging camera attached to the motorbike, the rider’s helmet, or both.

In the competitive age of motovlogging, to stand out from the crowd, you need to make the content carefully that can take your motovlogging account to the next level. To accomplish this purpose, you need different accessories, and the most important thing is the action motovlogging camera. But finding the best for you is not that easy as many brands offer motovlogging cameras. But not every motovlogging camera is worth buying. If you are confused among them and want the best motovlogging camera that can assist you in doing what you love and making money, you are definitely at the right place!

Presenting you the best motovlogging cameras of 2021, keep in mind that the action cameras are a little expensive, but this money is not more important than your passion. So keep scrolling down to learn about the best motovlogging cameras one by one!

List of Best Motovlogging Cameras


1. GoPro Hero 8 Black

  • 4K
  • 1080P
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2. Sony FDRX3000

  • 4K
  • 8.2MP
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3. AKASO V50 Pro

  • 4K
  • 16MP
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4. VanTop Moment 4

  • 4K
  • 20MP
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5. GoPro Hero 7 Black

  • 4K
  • 720P
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6. GoPro Hero 6

  • 4K
  • 12MP
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7. Yi 4K+

  • 4K
  • 12MP
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8. GoPro Hero 5

  • 4K
  • 12MP
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9. DJI Osmo

  • 4K
  • 12MP
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10. Rylo 360

  • 5.8K
  • 18MP
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#1. GoPro Hero 8 Black (Best Video Quality Motovlogging Camera)

The number one camera on our list is GoPro Hero 8 Black. This camera of the GoPro series is an action camera that made it the best camera for motovlogging. This compact and small pocket camera is irresistible to buy. It contains an optional Media Mode that plays a vital role to take this camera to another level. This optional Media Mode gets to assist you if you want to add more lighting, pro audio, another screen, and even automatic horizon levelling.

The GoPro Hero 8 possesses built-in mounting fingers and transformations in the removable lens cover. The lens is made up of impact-resistant gorilla glass to keep this pocket camera safely into your pocket. It is a waterproof camera to shoot underwater, and a 5mm jack adapter to use an external microphone is hard to beat.

For capturing videos having excellent audio quality, GoPro Hero 8 Black comes with an improved built-in mic that is good enough to reduce the wind noise. The jaw-dropping slo-mo, along with HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization, has made it one of the best cameras for motovlogging.

This best 4K ultra HD video shooting camera is compatible with 30 accessories, including a waterproof case, wrist strap, screen protectors, mini tripod stand, floating hand grip, and many more. You’ll be surprised to know that the GoPro Hero 8 Black is equipped with four digital lenses, i.e., distortion-free linear, narrow, comprehensive, and superview. These digital lenses are more than enough to cover every detail of your ride quickly and efficiently. It’s a guarantee that you’ll never regret if you choose GoPro Hero 8 Black for your motovlogging.


  • Four digital lens
  • 4K video


  • Poor battery life

#2. Sony FDRX3000 (Best Motovlogging Camera Having Long Battery Life)

Sony FDRX3000 is one of the best moto vlogging cameras having outstanding image quality, long battery life, and incredible optical image stabilization. This motovlogging camera is ideal for shooting beautiful 4K videos quickly on the rough and tough paths; that is mainly the primary challenge for the motovloggers. It is due to the advanced feature of this camera known as the BOSS (Balanced OpticalSteadyShot) image stabilization. It measures 1.9×1.2×3.4 inches (HWD) and weighs 4.1 ounces.

This camera of the Sony series has the same designs as its previous models of action cameras. Its design is made by keeping in mind the needs of motovloggers. It is easy to carry in hands or is also suitable for side-mounting on your helmet. It possesses a built-in microphone for capturing audio in a two-track stereo. Another exciting feature known as Live-View Remote Control is replicating the controls on the camera’s body. In addition, Sony launches various compatible accessories for this camera.

You’ll fall in love with Sony FDRX3000 if you search for a camera providing excellent battery life. This camera is for you, and you can enjoy shooting video in 4K resolution for almost 60 minutes. You can also use it for nearly 120 minutes if you shoot footage on 1080p. Except for this powerful battery life, Sony FDRX3000 has something more to offer you, and that is replaceable batteries. So there is no hurdle for your motovlogging, and you can enjoy and shoot footage entirely by keeping a spare battery with you.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Built-in microphone port


  • No display for viewing footage

#3. AKASO V50 Pro (Best Budget-Friendly Motovlogging Camera)

This motovlogging camera is included in our list because it has made its space among the GoPro cameras and is considered a competent rival. In addition, it is one of the affordable and impressive cameras available and owns unique features like gorgeous touchscreen and design.

The camera provides incredible video and image quality. It is equipped with 4K video recording at 30fps and allows you to capture 20MP images, and it leads to capturing and shooting the best pictures and videos for your motovlogging. In addition, motovlogging requires a clear and crisp audio quality and AKASO V50 Pro is supported with external microphones to provide this facility.

The Akaso V50 Pro is straightforward to operate and not complex at all. It possesses a 170° wide-angle lens; it weighs 64g and measures 60x41x32 mm. Its large 2-inch responsive screen is enough to stand it above the GoPro cameras.

Like GoPro cameras, it also has a waterproof case with 30 meters in-depth range. Moreover, it is equipped with electronic image stabilization for distortion-free videos. It also provides different connectivity options like HDMI output and built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI output. Moreover, its battery life is better than many other motovlogging cameras, i.e., 1100mAh high capacity and two rechargeable batteries. Still, unfortunately, it doesn’t allow live streaming to motovloggers to connect to their viewers as mostly GoPro cameras do. Nevertheless, it is one of the best cameras that are worth buying.


  • Affordable
  • 2-inch touchscreen


  • No live streaming

#4. VanTop Moment 4 (Best Overall Motovlogging Camera)

The fourth number camera on our list of best motovlogging cameras is VanTop Moment 4. It features a nice touch screen, sound audio recording, wireless remote, smartphone app, and various mounting accessories. It has gained much popularity because it possesses a Sony 20MP sensor, making your videos perfect and smooth with high clarity. The VanTop Moment 4 is a 4K/24fps video action camera and captures 20MP images.

For providing you with a wide-angle view, it features a 170° lense. It is also worth buying because it provides a 2.4 inch IPS touch screen at a reasonable price. Motovloggers can enjoy shooting their ride in a real-time view and high-quality video. The touch screen also assists in the procedure of navigating through clips and settings.

The slow-motion feature of this camera is outstanding as it records videos at 720p and 120fps. The video is then saved at 30fps to playback, and you don’t need to process it further when you have to use it later.

One other feature of it that resembles Sony FDRX3000 is battery life. The Sony FDRX3000 can shoot 4K videos for almost 60 minutes, and it can be the same videos for nearly 70 minutes and comes with two 1050 mAh batteries. Moreover, it is equipped with a 32GB SD card to remove all the hurdles for your shootings. And if you’re are a type of moto logger who loves to make longer 4K videos, then this camera is not less than a blessing for you as it can supports up to 128GB SD cards.

Another fantastic thing about this camera is that it is waterproof so that no hurdle can stop you from rock in the field of motovlogging, even not the rain!


  • Waterproof
  • 4K Ultra HD video


  • The phone app is not good

#5. GoPro Hero 7 Black (Best Motovlogging Camera for the Beginners)

If you are a newbie in the field of motovlogging and want a cost-effective camera that is very easy to use, then this camera will be suitable for you. You only need to press a button, and here you go. It is a durable, waterproof, compact camera with remarkable features to make your moto vlog journey memorable and enjoyable. Its popularity is mainly because of its excellent video stabilization capabilities, i.e., HyperSmooth 2.0 image stabilization.

It offers many other essential features like 4K video shooting at 60fps, 8x slow-motion characteristic, waterproof, and rugged design to facilitate durability. In addition, this 12 megapixels camera with superior HDR can help you capture pictures and shoot videos comfortably.

This camera can records clear 4K videos at up to 60 frames/second or 1080p Full HD videos at up to 240fps to shoot fascinating moments in slow-mo. It also offers the facility of controlling the camera by using the voice control or the back touchscreen of the camera.

From the series of GoPro Hero 7 cameras, GoPro Hero 7 Black is on the top of the list as compared to Hero 7 silver and white due to the features and capabilities that it’s owed. Like other cameras, it also has some shortcomings, like not being compatible with the Mod accessories of GoPros and is also deprived of a front-facing screen. But still, it is the best GoPro camera for beginners that want the most basic camera with outstanding image quality.


  • Simple to use
  • Outstanding stabilization


  • No 4k streaming

#6. GoPro Hero 6 (Best Power Action Motovlogging Camera)

GoPro Hero 6 is a slightly older version of GoPros cameras as GoPro Heo 9 is out now. However still, it is on our list of best motovlogging cameras due to its superb and mesmerizing features. It has more processing power and an optimized GP1 processor, which is ideal for improving video and image quality. This sturdy, durable, and waterproof camera are suitable for motovloggers. It is cable of doing ultra HD 4K video recording at 60fps. It can not only record video in 4K but also 2.7K and 1080p HD resolution.

The successors (GoPro Hero 7) of GoPro Hero 6 came in three colours, including silver, white and black, but Hero 6 is the only version of series 6. It resembles Hero 7 Balck due to the passing of some features like 4K60. On the other hand, the Silver one got different qualities, i.e., 4K30.

The fantastic thing about GoPro Hero 6 is that it features excellent stabilization and has the same weight and size identical to its successors. But, interestingly, it possessed a feature that never passes on to its successors, and that is the “night mood”. So if you are a motovlogger and loves to do some adventure at night and want to shoot your journey at night, then GoPro Hero 6 can help you in this regard, but be aware of the fact that it’s not able to capture the super photos; otherwise, it is worth buying.


  • Affordable
  • Improved stabilization


  • Lack live streaming

#7. Yi 4K+ (Best Cost-Effective Motovlogging Camera)

The Yi 4K+ Action Camera is the rival of GoPro Hero 6 Black, and these both are intense competitors. The portability of this camera is similar to its rival. It offers more smoothness and details to your video shooting as it records videos in 4K at 60fps. And if a motovlogger aims to capture still photos, he can do so by using its 12MP camera to take colourful, bright, and sharp images.

The other difference between the Yo 4K+ action camera and GoPro Hero 6 Black is their weight. It is lighter and easy to carry with a weight of 93 grams as compared to the GoPro Hero6 Black’s 117g. As a result, it’s easy to operate, and its impressive simple user interface and super-fast processor have made it hard to beat.

Additional features include a 2.2-inch Retina touch screen, voice control, USB Type-C connector, and electronic image stabilization up to 4K/30 fps. Unfortunately, the Yi 4K+ does not have the features all the cameras above possess, and that feature is that it’s not waterproof but only splash-proof.

Unfortunately, it is also deprived of GPS, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. If these few omissions are not so crucial for you and you can use a camera without these features, you should go for this camera instead of GoPro Hero 6 Black. The reason behind this is straightforward; the Yi 4K+ is cheaper than its rival. It is the best alternative to a GoPro camera. If you admire the GoPro series but can’t afford that, you can enjoy the same features at an affordable price.


  • Quick interface
  • Excellent 4K/60fps video


  • Not waterproof

#8. GoPro Hero 5 (Best Reasonable Motovlogging Camera)

GoPro Hero 5 is the updated version of GoPro Hero 4. It is undoubtedly also an old version of the GoPro series like GoPro Hero 6, but it is still famous due to many features that assist in standing out of the crowd.

It is included in the list of best motovlogging cameras of 2021 because of a solid reason: it is the camera identical to Hero 7. But wait, then why shouldn’t you choose the updated version, i.e., Hero 7, instead of this outdated version? The answer to this question is straightforward, GoPro Hero 5 offers almost the same features at low prices; that’s why it is one of the most reasonable motovlogging cameras.

You can get the best 4K video shooting and can enjoy capturing pictures from a 12MP lens. The 4K streaming and best quality still photos are the mandatory thing for the moto vloggers. Additionally, it offers different modes for capturing, including single, time-lapse, and burst modes to make your riding journey’s capturing more fun.

Moving on, the other thing that makes it ideal to choose for motovlogging is that it can upload your videos directly on your GoPro cloud and is Wi-Fi enabled so that nothing can stop you from performing motovlogging. You’ll get many accessories with it like a Curved Adhesive Mount, GoPro batteries, Flat Adhesive Mount, USB-Type C, Mounting Buckle.

Like other GoPros, it is also a waterproof camera, so you can make videos underwater and share your swimming vlogs with the whole world; moreover, even rain can’t stop you from shooting your footage.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Smooth 4K shooting


  • Fast battery drainage

#9. DJI Osmo (Best Motovloggig Action Camera for Harsh Temperatures)

The other camera on the list of best motovlogging cameras is DJI Osmo. It is among the most advanced action cameras having many modern features and mechanics. It proves to be a good friend of yours during your motovlogging journey.

You can shoot the best quality 4K HDR videos and enjoy slow-mo videos feasible at a solid zoom of 8X. To increase your user experience, it also offers shooting at 1080p and 240 FPS. In addition, it has built-in lime lapse settings that function flawlessly in various scenarios and environments.

The DJI Osmo Pocket camera offers a market of functions, including FaceTrack, ActiveTrack, Pano, Motionlaspe, NightShot, Timelapse, Story Mode, to produce more creative content for you motovlogging.

This motovlogging camera weighs only 4.1 ounces and offers many additional features, including a 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor, EIS sensor, waterproof up to 11 meters, 3-Axis Gimbal, dual touch screens, single-handed design, and universal port. In addition, it can attach to iPhone, Smartphone, and Android.

The incredible thing about this camera is that if you want to make vlogs at extremely low temperatures like almost -10° Celsius, this camera will suit you best. You can enjoy your shooting even at this freezing temperature; the reason behind it is the marvellous batteries of this camera that are ideal for working at both types of hash temperature, i.e., warm and cold; and the hydrophobic coating and watertight heal on the rare touchscreen; so what you are looking for dear motovloggers? Get one for you and enjoy a memorable journey of your riding without any hurdle!


  • 4K HDR videos shooting
  • Temperature resistant


  • Unreplaceable battery

#10. Rylo 360 (Best 360 Motovlogging Camera)

The last camera on this list is Rylo 360. As the name depicts, this camera is ideal for recording spherical videos. This camera is specially designed for the motovloggers, who love to do action and entertain their views through various thrilling moto vlogs. It is a small-sized compact and portable camera weighing only 3.84 ounces, even lighter than the DJI OSMO. It is supported with an excellent, easy-to-use app.

Its frame is made up of aluminium to add a premium feel to the design of Rylo 360, and this camera fits easily into your hand. Moreover, it offers horizons levelling and excellent image stabilization to users to record their adventurous journey professionally. In short, it is ideal for creating a fluidly smooth video medically, and you can’t resist the quality of the videos as it can shoot in 5.8K.

To provide you with reasonable audio quality, it carries two microphones on both sides. But you can’t add any additional microphone into the camera as it won’t have any 3.5mm jack. As you can’t add any external microphone to your camera, this can cause a little trouble with audio while motovlogging. Moreover, due to the lack of a receiver, you can’t enjoy live streaming.

This camera is not waterproof, but no worries, you can add an optional case to your camera to safeguard it from dust and water. No doubt it lacks some features, but all those are negligible in front of its high-quality video resolution and 360° video capturing!


  • Excellent image stabilization
  • App supported


  • Not waterproof

Motovlogging Camera Buying Guide

Like other motovloggers, if you are too searching for the best motovlogging camera for you, you will be most probably confused about what things you should consider when you decide to buy a motovlogging camera for you. Don’t overlook some important features while buying it, as it may cause issues for you later. Not every motovlogging camera offers identical components, so choosing one according to your taste, demand, budget, and requirement takes some research and knowledge about these cameras. Here is a buying guide for you that will help you choose the right one for you, so keep reading!

Some Crucial Tips for You About Buying Motovlogging Camera

Given below are the factors that should not avoid at any cost if you want to buy a perfect motovlogging camera:

#1. Video Quality

The foremost thing that you should look for in a motovlogging camera is the resolution of the video. Your motovlogs should be clear and crisp to become a popular motovlogger. So choose the one offering FPS and 4K video shooting like GoPro Hero 8 Black and Rylo 360.

#2. Advanced Features

Look for the advanced features in the motovlogging camera like SuperPhoto, Hyper Smooth, and many other modes that can add creativity to your videos, like GoPro Hero 5.

#3. Microphone

Many motovlogging cameras have good quality and more than one microphone, but you can also add an external microphone to your camera by placing it on your helmet. But some cameras don’t have to opt for an external mic, so choose wisely.

#4. Durability

The motovlogging camera should be robust enough to shoot videos on challenging paths and bear harsh climatic conditions like DJI Osmo. If you want your camera to last long, you should select the one with good product quality.

#5. Battery Life

Being a motovlogger, you have to shoot videos sometimes for extended periods, so you can’t afford a poor battery life camera, but wait, you can take assistance from a second battery. But there are some motovlogging cameras like VanTop Moment 4 that can provide you with non-stop shooting for 70 minutes.

#6. Budget

Almost all the cameras mentioned here are budget-friendly, and you can easily afford them. But don’t compromise on the quality of videos to just save your money.

#7. Viewing Field

Motovlogging cameras offer a broader field of view as compared to ordinary cameras. It is because you have to capture the front view but also the side views. You can also have the option of choosing a 360° camera like Rylo 360.

Some Additional Considerations

Look for the:

  • Storage
  • Waterproofing
  • Live Streaming
  • Phone app

But these factors are optional. You can’t get all the features in a single motovlogging camera. So, evaluate every single detail and then choose whatever you want!


Motovlogging action cameras are the critical component to create your content ideally. Hopefully, this guide will help you decide what camera is best for you all the features of the cameras. Every motovlogging camera discussed above has specific characteristics, so give some time to researching and choose the best for you. Good luck with your motovlogs!