Top 10 Best Microphone for Vlogging 2021

Acquiring the finest microphones for vlogging is the easiest way to enhance your content’s video quality and production value. While it may seem that image quality is the essential aspect of vlogging, no one will prefer to watch your vlogs if they don’t have quality audio.

So, what do these microphones do? Microphones possess features that leave a lot to be desired. They are small, inexpensive, and portable. Be it a wireless microphone, a lavalier microphone, or a shotgun microphone, all have different features, arriving with their respective benefits and drawbacks (read the section below to know more about them). 

But deciding on which microphone to buy is a daunting task since it involves a ton of research. Don’t worry, though; we’ve done that for you. And you know what? We’ve also compiled a list of the Best Microphone for Vlogging cameras. Be sure to read the reviews carefully to make the best decision for your vlogging career!

Types of Vlogging Microphones

Before we go to the detailed reviews of the microphones, we need to know about the types of vlogging microphones.

1. Lavalier Microphone

The lavalier microphone is small and hooked to your shirt. This microphone is excellent if you are capturing a moving object. However, you need to be careful because your sweater can become a source of the noise. A lavalier microphone is your best option when making a vlog in which you need a lot of moving.

However, this microphone is more visible than others, but you can easily hide it inside your shirt due to its small size. 


  • Small and are easy to hide
  • Perfect for moving subjects


  • It can easily pick background noise

2. Shotgun Microphone

Shotgun microphones are directional nature microphones that allow the microphone to focus on the audio pickup area directly. It does not pick any background noise and is the best option if you are shooting stationary subjects. 

These microphones come with a windshield to prevent the audio from wind noises. So, shotgun microphones can be your cheat code if you shoot at a place where the wind can be pretty noisy. 


  • Protect the audio from background noise
  • Great for stationary subjects


  • Needs additional equipment sometimes

3. Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphones are microphones that come without cables. You can connect these microphones to your camera, smartphones, and other devices via Bluetooth. Moreover, these microphones come at relatively affordable prices now.

The cordless systems save you from the wires tangling up and causing annoyance. Also, it enables you to move freely without having to worry about the range of cable. But since they are wireless and connect through Bluetooth, they risk getting anticipated by other wireless devices. 


  • Freedom to move
  • No cable to tangle


  • Limited range

10 Best Microphones for Vlogging Comparison Chart 

ProductNoise LevelPower SourceWhat’s unique in it?

Rode VideoMicro20 dBBattery Powereddeluxe furry windshield and Rycote lyre shock mount
BOYA BY-M174 dBLR44 battery360 degrees pick up sounds
Rode VideoMic GO34 dBNone (Plug-in power)Integrated Rycote Lyre shock mount
Rode VideoMicPro14 dB9v battery  Two switches to alter the output gain
JOBY Wavo78 dBNoneIt comes with both mobile and camera support cable

Comica CVM-VM20 Microphone50 dBBattery PoweredOLED screen for real-time display
Zoom H1n Microphone120 dB2 AAA batteriesOne-touch button controls
PowerDewise Lavalier Lapel Microphone74 dBNoneTRRS to TRS 3.5 mm Jack adapter
Lewinner Wireless Microphone8 dBBattery PoweredBluetooth Qualcomm Chipset
TAKSTAR SGC-598 Microphone10 dBBattery PoweredShock-resistant structural design

1. Rode VideoMicro

Key Specifications

Item Weight1.48 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency response100Hz – 20kHz
Supplied WindscreenDeluxe Furry

Key Features

  • A compact design that improves the quality of audio in your video
  • It comes with a shock mount and a patching cable to set the microphone wherever you want.
  • A furry windshield to protect your audio from wind noise and other noises from the environment
  • It has a directional nature that allows you to minimize the sound from the sides.

If you are a blogger and plan to buy the best budget mic for vlogging, Rode VideoMicro Microphone is your best option. It is a good quality microphone that comes on a low budget. It comes with an excellent frequency range from 100Hz to 20000Hz.

It has a compact design to improve audio quality in your videos so that your viewers can enjoy the excellent quality audio. Moreover, it is a light-weighted microphone that is easy to hold and provides quality audio.

Rode VideoMicro comes with a patching cable and a shock mount so that you can hook a decent microphone to your camera or smartphone. A furry windshield is there to protect the audio from the noise of the wind and other noisy things in the environment. 

It has a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 140 decibels. Its directional nature helps you focus on your subject and minimize the sound coming from the sides. So, this camera is a safe bet for vlogging purposes!


  • Sound Pressure Level of 140 dB
  • Light-weighted microphone
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Compact Design


  • iPhone users need to purchase an adapter to use it


Key Specifications

Item Weight2.82 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Polar PatternOmnidirectional
Frequency response65Hz to 18KHz
Supplied WindscreenFoam

Key Features

  • Its dual-head lavalier allows two people to do audio recordings at the same time.
  • It has the same sensitivity of audio at all angles due to its omnidirectional nature.
  • It comes with a 3.5mm connector to connect the microphone with different devices.
  • A 6m long cable is provided with the microphone to help you record from a distance.

BOYA BY-M1 is a dual-head lavalier microphone that allows two persons to do the recordings simultaneously. You can make your video projects efficient and convenient. Moreover, it has a good frequency range from 65Hz to 18 kHz to deliver high-quality audio. 

 It has a switchable power source. You need to turn it on when using a device with no plug-in power. Furthermore, it has a foam windscreen that helps prevent the audio from getting distorted due to noise from the sides. BOYA BY-M1 has a one-year seller warranty on it.

It has an omnidirectional nature, due to which it has equal audio sensitivity at all angles. So this microphone can pick sounds from all directions. However, it has a greater output level than others, increasing the chance of noise distortion on some devices. Furthermore, you need to treat the microphone with good care due to its low build quality.

BOYA BY-M1 has a 3.5mm connector to connect the microphone with different devices. Moreover, it comes with a 6m long cable that helps you record from a distance. Due to its valuable features, BOYA BY-M1 is among the best mics for vlogging cameras.


  • Foam windscreen
  • One year BOYA warranty
  • Switchable power source
  • High-quality audio


  • Risk of distortion on some devices

3. Rode VideoMic GO

Key Specifications

Item Weight2.57 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Polar PatternSuper cardioid
Frequency response100 Hz to 16KHz
Supplied WindscreenFoam

Key Features

  • A Rycote shock mound to prevent the noise from the sides from affecting the audio quality
  • It has a plug-in power source that requires no battery power for the microphone to work
  • It has a directional nature that helps it to focus directly on the pickup area of audio
  • It comes with a 3.5mm jack connector to make it compatible with different devices

Rode is a professional brand that has a vast of specific audio kits, ranging from enthusiast-level to high-quality broadcast tools. Rode VideoMic Go is among the best microphone for vlogging cameras. Rode has ever produced. It has a high-frequency range of up to 16 kHz to deliver high-quality audio.

It comes with no complex switches to turn on the power source; you need to plug in the microphone to use it. So, it does not require any internal input as a power source. It delivers crisp, clear, and directional audio with great use.

Rode VideoMic Go has a directional nature that prevents your audio from getting distorted by the sideway noises. Moreover, a Rycote shock mount and a foam windscreen are there to protect your video’s audio from wind noises and other noises coming from the environment.

It has a 3.5mm connector to connect it with different devices through jacks. Also, there’s a crispness in sound when the frequency range increases from 4 kHz. Overall, this is a good-sounding microphone that is easy to use and is perfectly made.


  • Well-made microphone
  • No battery source
  • Foam windshield
  • Optional windjammer


  • Risk of distortion at high frequency

4. Rode VideoMicPro

Key Specifications

Item Weight3 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Polar PatternSuper cardioid
Frequency response40 Hz to 20KHz
Supplied WindscreenFoam

Key Features

  • It has a low self-noise of just 14 dB and a 3.5mm connector with several different devices.
  • A foamy windshield is there to protect the audio from the winds and noisy environments.
  • It has two switches to alter the output level of the microphone.
  • A powerful battery to serve as the stable power source for about 70 hours.

Rode VideoMicPro is the best choice for people who are looking for a high-quality low-budget microphone. It delivers high-quality video recordings due to its valuable features. It has two switches to alter the output level (-10, 0, or 20 dB) between a low-frequency cut and one with a flat response.

It comes with a Rycote lyre shock mount to prevent the audio from unusual bumps, vibrations, and noise from the environment. Moreover, it has a foamy windscreen inside the shell to protect the audio from getting distorted from the wind noise and other noisy environments. It also has a powerful 9v battery that works as a power source for long-lasting 70 hours.

It has a low self-noise level of just 14dB to prevent the audio from the microphone’s noise. It comes with a 3.5mm mini-jack to connect it with different devices such as a Camera, Laptop, Smartphone, and many more. Moreover, a furry wind jammer should be there to nullify the wind noise, but it costs extra. Aside from the drawback, this microphone justifies its price, features, and performance.


  • Rycote shock mount
  • Low Self-Noise
  • Self-powered condenser
  • Good pickup pattern


  • Windjammer is not there

5. JOBY Wavo

Key Specifications

Item Weight1.41 ounces
Transducer TypeElectret Condenser
FormClip-on with Hytrel and Rycote Duo-Lyre shock mount
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency response35 Hz to 18KHz
Supplied WindscreenDeadcat

Key Features

  • A cardioid polar pattern that helps you in focusing the direct pickup area, avoiding the crowd noise.
  • It has a Rycote duo-lyre and hytrel shock mount to prevent the audio from vibrations and bumps.
  • It comes with TRPS and TRS cable to make it compatible with both cameras and smartphones.
  • Its compact design and exceptional lightweight make it easier for users to take it from one place to another.

If you are a blogger who uses a smartphone for vlogs and is looking for a microphone, don’t worry; we have it covered. JOBY Wavo microphone is your best option because it comes with some valuable features. This camera is exceptionally light-weighted and has a compact design that makes it easier for you to take it from one to another.

It has a Rycote duo-lyre and hyterl shock mount to nullify the unusual vibrations and bumps from the video. These shock mounts allow you to have smooth audio in your vlogs. Moreover, it has a cold shoe that directly attaches to the top of any camera, smartphone, and tripod. So, this microphone is compatible with any of the devices.

JOBY Wavo comes with two cables, i.e., TRPS (smartphones) and TRS (cameras) cables. Using these cables, you can connect the microphone with the device you are using for your vlogs. It has a cardioid polar pattern that lets you focus on the pickup area and avoid the crowd noise to deliver quality audio. Moreover, a deadcat windscreen is there to protect the video from wind noises.


  • A deadcat windshield
  • Compact and small
  • High-quality audio
  • Plug-in power source


  • Shock mounts are delicate

6. Comica CVM-VM20 Microphone

Key Specifications

Item Weight2.96 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Polar PatternUnindirectional
Frequency response20Hz – 20KHz
Supplied WindscreenNone

Key Features

  • The microphone is constructed using complete metal material for stability and durability
  • The microphone features two low cut filter modes, 75/150 Hz, to filter out extra noise
  • The OLED screen displays battery power and real-time power
  • The microphones come with a built-in lithium battery that can be recharged through a USB port
  • Features compatibility with cameras, iPhones, androids, and laptops

The Comica CVM-VM20 is a versatile microphone used in various scenarios when shooting video with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. This best budget mic for vlogging features a built-in lithium-ion battery with a great life of 60 hours which means you’ll be able to record your vlogs for at least a couple of days before needing to recharge it. It features an easy-access USB C-port for charging.

The microphone features two low-cut frequency settings to take out extra noise in different conditions. It also has a solidly made speaker that delivers consistently high-quality sound. The stepless gain feature lets you make quick and smooth changes if the scenario changes, giving you even more shooting options.

This microphone is made entirely of metal and is quite well shielded. The metal substance protects against extraneous signal interference and ensures the durability of the microphone. 

Furthermore, the microphone features an OLED panel that allows you to keep track of battery levels, and the mic’s small size makes it highly compatible with mirrorless systems. Not only can you attach the mic with DSLR cameras, but it also supports iOS, Android, and multiple laptops. 


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Good Battery Life
  • Two low-cut frequency setting
  • OLED panel


  • Cannot record two-level tracks

7. Zoom H1n Microphone

Key Specifications

Item Weight2.4 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Polar PatternUnindirectional
Frequency response96 kHz
Supplied WindscreenFoam

Key Features

  • The microphone has a streamlined body and protective mic enclosure 
  • The built-in stereo condenser in the microphone has a 90-Degree x/Y format
  • The microphone features enhanced playback and control option to transcribe interviews quickly
  • The Graphic LCD shows one-touch button controls to make it easier to navigate
  • The onboard limiter enables you to record distortion-free audios

The Zoom H1 is the best microphone for vlogging camera because of its excellent build quality and the fact that it comes with all of the essential functions you’ll need to get great audio in your videos. This electronic recorder includes simple buttons that are simple to operate and navigate. You can even use it without capturing the sound like a standard microphone.

The built-in X/Y stereo in the microphone captures high-quality surround sound. The microphone covers a large area while concentrating the soundscore, allowing designers to capture crystal clear audio in practically any environment.

The H1n can record high-quality sound just about everywhere because of its lightweight and sturdy construction. The H1n’s powerful integrated limiter allows it to record distortion-free audio up to 120 dB. Now you can capture audio even at loud venues such as concerts, band practices, and other events without sacrificing audio clarity.

You can now transcribe interviews with the playback speed control option. You can also auto-record, pre-record, and self-time your recordings to capture unexpected events. The graphic LCD features a one-touch button interface. It makes recording songs and audio for projects, lectures, or podcasts more quickly and with high-quality audio. In any case, it’s the best budget mic for vlogging as it does the job well and at a reasonable price.


  • One-touch interface makes it easier to use
  • Distortion-free recording
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Playback speed control option


  • Not ideal for long hours of use

8. PowerDewise Lavalier Lapel Microphone

Key Specifications

Item Weight3.52 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Polar PatternOmnidirectional
Frequency response20Hz – 20000kHz
Supplied WindscreenNone

Key Features

  • The microphone features high-quality protection to get a clear voice without any noise
  • It comes with a 79-inch 2-meter long cord for easy movement
  • The microphones include a TRRS to TRS 3.5 mm jack adapter for ease of use
  • Compatible with all sorts of devices such as Camera, Audio recorder, Android, Laptop, iPhone, etc.

The PowerDeWise lavalier mic is the best mic for a vlogging camera; this microphone is easily adaptable with different devices.  This mic is popular because it is inexpensive and gives adequate audio recording quality. You can use this lavalier mic with phones, tablets, mirrorless cameras, and even your computer with the correct adapter.

The microphone features a 79-inch long and 2-meter thick extension cord, it is an easy-to-use clip-on mic that can be carried everywhere, and the extra-long cord allows you easy carrying. The TRRS to TRS 3.5 mm jack adapter eliminates the need to use drivers to plug in your microphone.

This professional-grade lavalier mic produces a clear voice without noise. It features a well-established technology that protects the microphone from unwanted noise and has high-quality output. This mic also comes with a one-year warranty to help with any issue that you might face.


  • Long extension cord
  • 3.5 mm jack adapter
  • No voice distortion
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • Fewer advanced features

9. Lewinner Wireless Microphone

Key Specifications

Item Weight0.55 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Polar PatternStereo
Frequency response48kHz
Supplied WindscreenNone

Key Features

  • This wireless microphone features a 50 ft Bluetooth option for easy connectivity
  • The multi-level noise cancellation technology allows you to make your audio clearer
  • The microphone has a 110mAh high-quality lithium battery for a better life
  • The microphone has full band audio of 48kHz with stereo CD quality
  • IT allows you to access multi-channel real-time monitoring for convenient recording

The Lewinner Wireless Lavalier microphone is an all-around device making it the best microphone for vlogging cameras for blogging, YouTubing, and even reporting. The unique feature of this microphone is that you can use its wireless Bluetooth feature to link it to your smartphone. The microphone features a 50 ft built-in Bluetooth to enhance the microphone’s sensitivity and record the perfect audio.

Even in busy surroundings, the noise cancellation features make your audio and video more clearer. This mic outperforms most typical wireless Bluetooth microphones by picking up 48KHz stereo sound and transmitting it in real-time.

The wireless microphone also has a built-in real-time monitoring capability that allows you to check if it’s operating correctly while recording and monitor the audio status to finish the recording all at once, making it more professional and accessible. It can also synchronize the device’s background music and human speech in real-time. Helping you create one epic vlog!

The microphone has a 110mAh lithium battery that has a life of up to 6 hours just after a one-hour charge. As a result, it’s ideal for filming vlogs on the run. The small size makes it easier to carry anywhere, and the micro metal clip allows you to clip it to your collar while filming.


  • A long-lasting battery
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Real-time technology


  • No playback and control feature

10.TAKSTAR SGC-598 Microphone

Key Specifications

Item Weight12 ounces
Transducer TypeCondenser
Form Camcorder, Camera
Polar PatternUnindirectional
Frequency response50Hz-16kHz
Supplied WindscreenFoam

Key Features

  • The microphone features 10dB sensitivity enhancement and 200Hz low-frequency attenuation
  • The microphone has a heart-shaped single-point pickup feature to help reduce noise
  • The microphone has a shock-resistant structural design to reduce the extra noise
  • The 1.5V AA alkaline battery-powered microphone has a life of up to 100 hours

The TAKSTAR SGC-598 microphone is a highly coveted device for anyone with beginner’s gear wishing to amp up their game. This sensitive microphone has a single-point pickup in the shape of a heart to help decrease or eliminate unwanted surrounding noises from your recording.

The microphone has a 10dB sensitivity improvement and a 200Hz low-frequency attenuation to improve the audio and video quality of your vlog. The microphone can be easily fixed on the camera using standard universal connector requirements, after which you are good to film your vlog!

The microphones feature a shock-resistant design that helps to reduce the camera’s internal noise and other vibration sounds that could disrupt your vlog. The 1.5 AA alkaline batteries provide you with a battery life of up to 100 hours, eliminating all factors to stop you from recording as long as you want.


  • Shock-resistant design
  • Improved audio frequency
  • Eliminate background noise
  • Easy to use


  • No extra battery

Why Should We Avoid Built-in Microphones for Vlogging?

Although some of the vlogging cameras come with a built-in microphone, it is not of good quality. The reasons why we should avoid built-in microphones for vlogging:

  • Pick Background Noises

The worst aspect about using a built-in microphone is that they pick up background noises quickly. It is a significant issue for vloggers because they do not shoot in a soundproof room or an isolated area. 

The external microphones come with a windscreen to protect the audio from wind noises and other noises from the environment. However, you can also edit the video afterward to omit the unwanted noises from your video.

  • Bad Audio Quality

One of the main reasons why we do not recommend built-in microphones for vlogs is the audio quality. No matter how good the camera quality is, its audio quality will never be as good as the external microphone. But using an external microphone will ensure good quality audio.

A microphone is an essential aspect of vlogging to take your vlogs to the next level. If you are a beginner at vlogging, we highly recommend using external microphones to get high-quality audio.


In this article, we have given you a list of the 10 Best Microphones for Vlogging Cameras. We urge you to look through them and choose your pick. For people who prioritize quality over quantity, we have a written a buying guide highlighting all the features you need in a microphone for vlogging cameras. We hope that you’ve thoroughly read our buying guide before deciding the best microphone for yourself. 

Buying Guide-Things to consider while buying best microphone for vlogging:

To create vibrant photographs and clips for your vlog, you need a multi-functioning microphone to record your vlogs. A variety of variables determine the Best Microphones for Vlogging Camera. Let’s look at some of the main features that you need to ponder on before buying one:

Build Quality

When it comes to purchasing a microphone for vlogging, the build quality of the microphone is the first thing you check. Sound quality comes first. You want something that will provide you with excellent sound quality and be durable at the same time. That’s why investing in a sturdy, durable, and rugged microphone is critical.


You should consider the microphone’s price before determining what sort of microphone to use for vlogging videos. These vlogging microphones are available at a variety of price points. The cost varies depending on the overall quality you want and the type of microphone you choose. You can buy these mics in your budget based on the quality and functionality you require.

Noise pickup feature

When buying a microphone for vlogging, it all comes down to how well a microphone collects sound. Different microphones use different methods to accomplish this. If you talk into an omnidirectional microphone, it will likely pick up the sound. These are ideal for in-depth, one-on-one interviews. On the other hand, these devices fall short when vlogging with several guests or hosting a web show. 

Noise cancellation

Microphones tend to capture our voices, music, podcast sounds, and all types of sounds. When buying a microphone for vlogging, look for a microphone with features integrated into their software that help cancel out unwanted noises. Some mics, however, feature built-in noise-canceling accessories.

Type of Video

Before buying a microphone, you need to consider the type of video you need the microphone for. The microphone used can vary depending on whether you’re creating a podcast or recording a vlog. Consider whether you’ll do a face-to-face recording or whether you’re more of an “On the Go” person like myself. Different products will be required for these types of recordings.

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